Let's talk about sex, Bay-bee!


I fully wondered that when I looked her up just now and saw she’s in Portland :heart_eyes: dude I now have “tour of Portland to meet all the seriously cool people” on my bucket list.


Word. That’s great. I don’t know if we had the internet at the house then, but if not, we did shortly after.
I don’t think I ever admitted to being under 18 on any porn site ever, which was probably a big part of the problem. Ha.


It probably helped that I volunteered at the HIV/AIDS clinic when I was in high school so I had a way higher level of exposure to resources like that. We had abstinence-only sex ed (and hetero-only to boot, beyond hearing that all gays would get AIDS and die) - in school because Ohio sucks, so most sex ed came from peers or the internet. Peers were not reliable.

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Well hello, I’m from rural ass northern Ohio myself! :wave:t3:

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My apologies.

I’m from the city, but the most conservative top 35 city in the country, and the only conservative majority-african american city. YAY CINCINNATI!!!

I skated with the daughter of the representative that:

  1. made it illegal to transport a woman outside state lines in Ohio for an abortion and
  2. reversed comprehensive sex ed in all Ohio public schools to be abstinence-only sex ed
  3. passed a school prayer bill
  4. passed the bill that allowed students to opt out of evolution in science class for religious reasons

I mentioned this elsewhere, but the “A Mighty Girl” website may have a bunch of age appropriate resources including books.