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It got me an interview! I am going through my resources this week on questions and answers and hunting through my clothes for ones that fit/ are appropriate


I spent yesterday shopping for clothes with my sister. Her taste was then approved by my friends in similar-ish jobs & companies - yay! Office & interview clothing has gotten even more casual since I last worked.

I spent a good chunk of today getting some notes down on how to be good at interviews. What questions to ask, how the STAR method works, listening to a podcast recommended by a friend who works at the company I’m applying to. Next part now I’ve researched the “how to” is to apply my experience to the stuff so I have some rough answers & examples ready to go. And do a bit of reading on what technical stuff I should know for the job. Sooo much prep work. But like the cover letter stuff, this first one is the hardest and then I can go easier next time. I spent a whole day on the cover letter and changing my CV AGAIN for this job but clearly it paid off. I mean, that was ONE day! At the start of the year applying was a multi-day effort for me. Progress!


I found a job I really want and have now been procrastinating on actually writing the cover letter all week. Applications due Friday. HELP.


can you skip the cover letter? use AI?


Ask AI to take your resume and the job description and write the cover letter. Then you have a starting point. It’s way easier to add/edit/fix a cover letter than to start it from scratch.


It got done. Now time to put that job completely out of my mind!


Wooh! Nice work!

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Hunt has shifted into Urgent. Things are not going well at work. Not because I’m doing bad work but because this company is a fucking den of psychological bullshit and scapegoating


I’m sorry noodle, that sucks.

I’m glad you got all the $$$$ vested and totally time to run now.


Oh no. Let us know if there’s any motivation/ support etc to help.

My friend sent me this podcast on how to prep for an interview and its gold. They suggest writing down the projects/ experience you’re proud of and want to mention and then matching that to questions rather than trying to find an example for questions. This makes you sound way more lively and enthusiastic when you’re talking.


Thanks. Having salient examples of past work ready to go is always a winning strategy!


Found a possible library internship!! This archive looks so cool!!


Good list of resources here.


Haven’t heard back from interview-job yet. I’m expecting I would be their 2nd or 3rd preference so will hopefully hear a yay or nay by Wednesday next week.

My sister found me another job to apply for, this time requesting less experience than I have but more specific so I will busy myself with applying to that on Monday while waiting to hear about the other.


Didn’t apply to job sister found for me. Heard back and didn’t get the interview job but they loved me and can HR pass around my CV. Uh, Yes Please?!

Found a part-time job and am partway through the application for it.


Don’t wanna be here, got enough to worry about, but it looks like I’m here. I have an app to finish. There’s not a lot to apply for right now in my same field but I’d like to stay in my field. Let’s hope I don’t get to the take whatever I can get stage.


It sucks you’re here with me.


I got another interview! I put the application in on Tuesday and submissions haven’t closed yet so that’s a really positive sign! Or it could just be there scheduling interviews as they get to them, because it’s not for a couple of weeks.

For context, here almost every job application is:

  1. Submit a ~2 page CV + 1 page cover letter
  2. Call from HR (are you a real person, book an interview)
  3. Interview panel with 2-4 people, sometimes one is a HR person and sometimes they’re not.
  4. You got picked! Go do a health screening, drug pee cup & a police clearance.

And you might be rejected at any of those.

I know it changes a lot by country and industry and some of you are writing pages and pages or going through multiple interviews with take home components! I’m grateful ours is short and casual.

And i don’t know what applications are like outside my industry/ profession but they’d be a fairly similar format, more casual for some a a little more intense for others.