Isolated birthdays for kids

Oh hey super cool awesome parents!

In a few weeks we’ll be celebrating Ewok’s third birthday… in isolation.

I’m brainstorming ideas for how to have a really fun day (as much for my sake as his) while complying with isolation requirements. Maybe you have ideas to share?

My list so far:

  • Video chats or drive by visits with loved ones, obvs
  • Cupcake or cookie decorating (buy a bunch of sprinkles and toppings, make icing in different colours, let him go for it)
  • Make your own tiara / decorate your own birthday crown
  • GLO. STICKS. He’s never had them and I think he will LOVE THEM
  • Lots and lots of balloons in the loungeroom for him to find when he wakes up and goes through in the morning

We also did fun unusual activities, like having a sleepover in the loungeroom. Is there something a bit unusual that Ewok might like to do? I mean, the balloon thing alone is awesome, and glo sticks that evening would be amazing!


@meerkat was box hoarding…could you decorate boxes and become a family of train carriages or something and then go for a tour of the neighborhood? Or just bash them up?


We let the birthday person pick what’s for dinner on their birthday night. Which is why I now bear the shame of having McDonald’s on UberEats. Three year olds are dangerous, friends. :smile:


I let my four year old pick her birthday cake, we ate kings’ cake (with two fèves, added pears and chocolate) in April :smile:

We organised an egg hunt (with eggs made of corrugated cardboard) in the garden and she loved it, asked to do it again several times. Maybe you could do some sort of treasure hunt?

We did video chat with the family while giving the presents so they could see her reactions.


Kiddo’s birthday is in June, here’s the ideas I have so far:

  • Birthday cupcakes with sprinkles (this is a must in his eyes, what kind of birthday doesn’t have sprinkle cupcakes?) We will probably make these at home and frost them at home and it will be messy and who cares.
  • Maybe a treasure hunt? No idea how this would work with a three year old though. Picture leading to where the next picture clue is then eventually present(s)? My kid’s observational skills are terrible though. “The toy you’re looking for is right next to your foot. No on the other side of you. No, that’s behind you. Now it’s by your - take two steps back. See it? There.” Or maybe a string around the house like this?
  • I squirreled away a box of macaroni that has … Frozen? Paw Patrol? I don’t remember honestly but we’ve been doing old school mac n cheese for so long now that it’ll be a perk.
  • A big number 5 balloon. He loves balloons and always asks for one at the grocery store, this year I hope to be on top of things enough to call in advance and have one ready.
  • We’re definitely doing his birthday on a Saturday. I have no idea what day of the week his birthday actually falls on but both parents WFH so, no. Saturday only.
  • I’ve already got toys on order because some of it is taking a month to ship. Oh, shit, that reminds me, I actually got a birthday tshirt for him like six months ago and stashed it away. I should pull that out sometime before July. :laughing:

The easter egg thing reminded me that I’ve kept some around as a general activity, sometimes they have candy inside, sometimes animal crackers, right now I have a mix of both prepped for whenever we do that again.


Ohhh we did the string game for prizes at birthdays when I was little. …its great!

If kiddos like games, that one can have multiple players, ie parents. so can pin the tail and other classics


All but 2 of my birthdays were isolated while I lived at home. This may explain something about me.

The day looked about like any other, but more pomp and circumstance around each activity. Splitting wood for the birthday fire. Birthday laundry.

But there was cake, and a few gifts and I loved it.

Don’t be born on a winter holiday folks.


Thanks everyone for your awesome ideas!!