Investment options inside HSA Bank accounts?

I now have an HSA Bank account (thanks work, for changing HSA providers!) and I’m finally getting around to actually getting investments set up in there.

There are two routes to go, apparently:

TD Ameritrade

I have heard bleh things about TD Ameritrade and know nothing about Devenir. Does anyone here have experiences/thoughts?

TD and Schwab merged a while ago, but will supposedly actually integrate soon, transitioning TD clients to the Schwab platform. I don’t know how that factors in for you or how.

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I did TD Ameritrade when I first had an HSA Bank account (separate from my work account because fees at work account were so high). It was straight-up miserable, and I was never quite sure what I had or what to do to add to it.

Then work got better fees so I consolidated. Then work switched to… HSA Bank. This time I’m doing Devenir and it’s much better, using an index fund inside Devenir. Can look up the details of you like.

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Just knowing about the usability difference is really helpful.

Are you satisfied with your options and fees for Devenir? (I’m definitely seeing some things I like just from perusing what I can see without signing up for them explicitly… I have no idea what I can anticipate with TD Ameritrade, no info besides “we have thousands of things!”.)

It’s decent enough, you just have to check the fine print became there are also some terrible options. But the decent option is good enough I decided it’s not worth keeping a separate account elsewhere( you can move HSA funds whenever you want).

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