Indian Matchmaking: Season 3

Sima Auntie is back!

OMG Rushali who went on a date with Pradhyuman in Season 1 apparently became Miss India in the meantime!


Binged the whole thing today — it is so much more wholesome than the other crazy dating shows! I want them to do a Chinese version…


Oh YAY! I was hoping there would be another season :slight_smile:

you’re an inspiration @lhamo


S3 opens to a scene with the matchmaker lady opening her luggage in London, and the suitcase is full of cooking ingredients. I have never related to her before but here we are, bringing our food with us across oceans. @ElleP knows what’s up.

Then they switch to a pair of sisters chatting in a kitchen. Please look at these wall outlets.

Ok, so they are filming in an unfinished apartment. Fine. But do you need to be so blatantly janky?


Later scene in the same kitchen and the outlets are fixed and in use. I’m more interested in this than any of the singles. This may say more about me than about the show.


Bobby is the cutest. I hope he doesn’t get done Dirty by editing

Also apparently Jewish Matchmaking is coming out on 5/3


Oh my god. OH MY GOD I cannot wait!!!


Do you love Sima’s expression when people are listing what they want in a partner? It looks like she’s exercising immense self-control to keep her eyes from rolling back into her skull :joy:


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Jewish matchmaking is out. 1.25 episodes in and I’m liking the vibe.


Bobby is a cutie!! Loving the British accents in this season

We started watching it last night, it’s fun! Aleeza could not be more different from Sima.

Sima: You are expecting too much. 70% of your requirements would be a good match. Your main physical requirement is a full head of hair? Here’s your match, a handsome bald man.

Aleeza: Tell me exactly what you want and I will make it happen. You want a beautiful, blonde hair blue-eyed Israeli woman in LA? I will find her for you.


I can’t stand some of the people on that show, and love others. It’s a good mix.

I really like Aleeza, she just seems so kind hearted and like she wants to make everyone happy.

I feel like I dislike more people on this show than I do on Indian matchmaking…so far the only guy I’ve liked is that long haired guy that lived in Hawaii, but then he mysteriously disappeared. I liked the exchange between Fay and the guy she went out with for a few dates, it seemed like they really hit it off but also had a super mature parting of ways. She seems extremely rigid in what she wants, but IMO for the right reasons and I say you go girl…she’s beautiful and smart and I hope she finds the guy she is looking for


I am 5 mins into Jewish matchmaking and man the casting is so good already? DAni is reality show casting director dream

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Okay Adi is gorgeous, I hope her personality isn’t terrible

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I know! She has incredible interpersonal skills, unlike Sima who is basically just a judgy Indian auntie.

I feel like Aleeza made some good matches on the show. I really want to see Season 2 and what happens with them!


She’s so willing to take in and listen to both what people are saying, and what they aren’t saying. She also builds a relationship with them that I feel is based on respect in a way where sima only cares about building respect with the parents :joy:


One of the people I like I looked at her instagram and she is an IDF army member and now I feel complex ways. I know it isn’t optional (especially for an immigrant) but ahhhhh

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Ahahaha the name of episode 5! “Is Costco a hobby?”