I was a guest on THREE (3) podcast this week

I shared it in the livestream, what I’m looking forward to for the end of the week.

It’s me being a guest on 3 podcast, while also managing my mental health, my mood dipped and I ended up going to urgent care for a mental health crisis evaluation.

Canada health care system is soo broken! They don’t have a bed or pshyciatrist for me, but I left with resources to connect with private threapist some are a fee-only sliding scale, then my primary doctor gets the notes and we need to add to the on going plan of managing my mental health.

Now if you’ve seen me around you know I OPENLY authentically talk about mental health, addiction, chronic illness and personal finance.

Well now you can hear about it more. Here is one spot you can here about it, it’s me being a guest on the Dr Vibe Show podcast.

There is a 3 hour live stream on another financial podcast. I completely understand the meaning of time blindness of why I sometimes can go on and on for 2 to 3 hours talking about my life and how I navigate it in a very complex “broken” social assistance and health care system.

The audio settings I’m so sorry, I’ve request to the host we need to do it again with better audio. but for now this is what’s up. I clearly need to invest in a better audio set up for being a podcast guest.