How do you research political candidates?


Looking for some good resources for researching the glut of POTUS candidates.

How do you research candidates on the national, state, or local level? What sources do you trust?
Do you research what the opposition (candidate, party, PACs, etc.) say about them?


This is a great forum idea. I wish I had a good answer for this. I like several dem prospects at this point, I don’t know how to discern between them when it comes down to a primary vote. I like to read longform profiles of candidates although these are usually written from a less critical perspective.


I try to read their websites/platforms. I also take into account voter guides from certain sources (e.g. League of Women voter’s guide, ACLU guide, etc). I… try not to read popular media tbqh. I don’t find it helpful.


I have gone to websites in the past, usually for state level races. Many are crap. So I get frustrated and leave.


Yeah, I often get the best information from voter guides – they’re usually pretty succinct and straightforward. Candidate websites are often pretty confusing, and also often contain way more platitude than platform.


IF bipartisanship is an important criteria for you, and
IF the candidate has been in the US Congress, then
This site may be of interest.

Bipartisan index

I haven’t reviewed the criteria for the rating.