How do you organize coupons?


I’m not much of a couponer, but I get ~monthly paper coupons from one of my favorite dairy-free brands, and other paper coupons that come in the mail or with my receipt at the grocery store. Right now, they are all crammed haphazardly into an envelope in my purse. Most of them don’t fit properly into the envelope. They are all different sizes, some on regular paper and some on sturdy paper, some for the grocery store and more for various other stores that I go to much less frequently, some that are probably expired and some that don’t expire for a long time. I don’t have any way of keeping track of expiration dates or reminding myself of when I might want to pull out a coupon.

Does anyone have a coupon system that they like? Any advice for me?


I am absolute shit at this and no where near organized. Posting to see what brilliance exists. :smiley:


Coupons aren’t worth the effort where I live now, but I used to use a photo album! The pockets are ideal.

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Echoing that I wish there was a better way. I have the Kroger app (local grocery store common in the southeast) and I check that for in-store coupons to apply. They are loaded to my loyalty card that I scan at checkout and then they’re applied. I don’t often make purchasing decisions based on coupons unless I know it’s something I buy often and will need to buy sometime soon. Honestly, I’m not great about remembering to use the app until I’m in the line waiting to checkout.

A lot of times I get printed manufacturer’s coupons, but I’m awful at keeping track of these and remembering to use them. It would be great if I could scan them into my Kroger app to store and use them, but that’s not a thing apparently :frowning:

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I stick them on the fridge with a magnet until a few months after they expire, then I throw them away. Every single time.


I put them in my wallet and throw them away after they expire. It’s a fun game, fooling myself into thinking this time will be different.


I have a small coupon holder I purchased from dollar tree. It has about 5-6 different sections inside. I toss old coupons as I add new coupons.

Where I live, I frequently receive coupons of 1.00-1.50 off purdue chicken. I try to hold onto those coupons until purdue is 40% off. Then I stack up on thin sliced skinless chicken breast.

I also use e-coupons for places like CVD and Walgreens which makes things so much easier. I esp like the 2-3 dollars off small bottles of tide detergent or 1.00 off Arm&Hammer detergent.

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