Housing in Seattle now-early/mid November

Anybody here possibly interested in visiting Seattle for a few weeks between now and early/mid November? I close on my new house today, but am leaving on an extended road trip on October 1. House is currently unfurnished, but I can probably manage to get some simple furnishings and other housewares into it before I leave.

This would also be a good fit for a family who needs a short-term place for visitors, or for themselves while having renovations done, etc.

PM me if you want to discuss further.


Do you want me to check with a Portland friend?


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I bet I know where you’re going…:slight_smile:

Indeed you do!

She says she can’t leave town :frowning:

That’s ok – I will get the Ring doorbell and the motion detecting lights set up today. Going to Ikea to get curtains for the big exposed slider windows. Will also try to move some simple furniture in so it doesn’t look totally empty. And give my contact info to the neighbors – agent pointed out that THEY will not want squatters in the neighborhood, either, so having them keep eyes on things for any suspicious activity should be helpful.