Holiday Gifts 2020

I should give everyone a blanket with Nacho on it. Everyone on earth.


Word of warning I got this mushroom kit for my sister a few years back and it never grew anything at all. Literally nothing happened. I have no idea what we did/ didn’t do to produce no results with this brand.

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That makes it easy, I’ll get her the placemats and she can explore mushroom growing on her own.

I decided we’d make rocky road and gingerbread cookies to go with the vouchers. Duckling will enjoy making a mess.


This is the kick in the bum I need to get organised.

Mum: photo mug of bubba’s first couple months filled with chocs/tea
Dad and partner: photo mug w chocs plus lemon tree
Half- sister (7): ??
Step-brother (16): ??
Sister (31): photo mug with OMD tea (?tbd)

In laws: photo mug w chocs + ?

(BIL + SIL + 2 nephlings) x 2: husband and I decided to cut down on stuff by organising a day out at the new state museum then going out to lunch or having a picnic with his brothers and families when everyone is available January/Feb

Husband: something local or 2nd hand, $20 limit ??
Baby: nothing, she won’t know
Cat: treat


otoh, the amount one would have to give off rent vs. the value of a pizza or timmies card, I think I’d notice and appreciate the gift card more.


My Dad is getting a bottle of wine, my Mom a donation or the Georgia senator campaigns. My in-laws will get a grocery gift card.

My nieces and nephews all get another year of Disney+.

My 3 year old is getting a hooded towel, a junior version of Castle Panic, and piles of stuff from extended family. My 1 year old is getting a fleece blanket and piles of stuff from extended family.

I asked for art supplies and puzzles. My husband wanted a battery for his impact driver. My mom will probably buy those. I don’t exchange gifts with him.


My husband is getting a bandsaw. I did an experimental curbside pick up at the hardware store yesterday, and it worked just fine. They do make you sign a piece of paper, so I’ll remember to take a pen. And wear my respirator, but I do that always.

Apparently every Ace Hardware in the country is doing curbside by corporate policy, if anyone needs to know.


Husband: I’ve picked up a couple of shirts from the local secondhand store that I think will fit; might also get him a series of a podcast he likes
Toddler: a couple pairs of socks; should also get him some more crayons. He will get a ton more from family.
Mom: 3 books in a series that I got her the first book a few years ago and she liked
Dad: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy mask, science fiction book
Sister: vintage jewelry from Etsy (same as the past few years, she has a bunch of stuff on her wish list and I pick one I like from among those—I fear that I don’t know her taste well enough to get something from the local antique store, or I totally would)
Sister’s boyfriend: ??? I hadn’t thought about it until this thread but we should probably get him something. Maybe booze.
MIL: local coffee
FIL: local coffee
BIL: ??? I think we forgot him when we were having a conversation about gifts. D will probably think of something. Maybe we’ll donate to BLM or something in his name.


Ooo, this is an excellent idea! Does it have a picture of Biden and Harris? My mom is traveling up to the inauguration so I could do either the day it was announced or do a late Christmas present with the picture from inauguration. Edit: You can buy it directly from the NY Times for $6

Also does anyone know of anything similar that outlines all the “firsts” of the 2020 elections (e.g. first transgender state senator Sarah McBride (D, Delaware), Cori Bush elected as Missouri’s first Black congresswoman, etc.)? Something visually pleasing that could be hung on a wall? Doesn’t need to be originally a newsprint thing.


I found a book about the history and strategy of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and if university is anything like it used to be, it seems that would both be funny and also appropriate because it is a common decision making tool.

I’m assuming now people have an app for that and for flipping a coin. Game theory is both math and cognition


Spouse - SAD light. They picked it out. These have gone down in price since we last got one. Also new “straw” for a camelbak water bottle, touchscreen compatible gloves.
Neighbors - homemade baked goods


The one I got is actually slight different from the one they are selling now; the photo is different (and worse quality), but the second headline does mention Harris becoming first female VP.




SO lives on cheeseburgers, so I ordered him personalized golf balls with his name on one side and the image of an Americana cartoon style cheeseburger on the other.


I asked Kiddo what he thought he wanted to get daddy for Christmas. Last year I took him to Walmart so he could see all the things (with my guidance) and we eventually picked out some Batman pajama pants for Mr. Meer. This year I’ve asked Kiddo a couple times and he insists on getting Mr. Meer a Batman birthday card that plays music. I think Kiddo got a card like that eighteen months ago? Apparently it was an even bigger hit than we realized.

Neither Amazon nor Target have that available on their website. Batman cards yes but they don’t seem to play music as far as I can tell. Hallmark has something with Batman and Superman but it’s not in stock online. I will be hitting up the card sections at the grocery store and CVS this weekend, but after that I think I’m going to have to suggest Kiddo gets him something else. Maybe socks but, sigh, I told Mr. Meer to have Kiddo pick out some socks for me.


I meant to come back and reply to this - I told my mom about the idea and she absolutely loved it! I asked if she wanted the election results day or the inauguration and she said she wanted inauguration day so I don’t even need to sweat having it delivered before February, woot. Thank you for the inspiration!


Looks like you can get just the blank recording part, but it’s not cheap:
Talking Products, Personalized Recordable Greeting Card, 40 Seconds Recording with Replaceable Batteries. Record and Send your own Custom Voice Message, Music or Sound Effects.

But if you can find something like that, you could add your own?

Eta there’s the small ones you can put in dolls too- Voice Express Mini Voice Recorder for Personal Messages - Perfect Device for Plush Toys, Stuffed Animals, Baby Dolls, and Pillows Playback


What brackenjoy said. You, my little elf are making a Batman card for Mr meet because the kiddo is sure that this is Mr meer’s greatest joy

Or a singing Batman toy?

Singing batman pyjama pants!