Holiday Gift Ideas

Hi guys! I am looking for ideas for holiday gifts. Yes, it is not even Halloween, however, in order to find the best deals / have time to make things I like to start early. Hopefully this can be a thread for any kind of gifts.
I have to fill 17 stockings. (Extended family plus a friend). Ages 3 yo to 80. Male and female. My goal has been $3-$4, but this year I am going wild, and planning on $5 a piece. Woot woot! As always, ideas for men are especially helpful.


I just bought 4 of these.

I hope they will be cute. I’ll put photos in each of them before I put them in the stockings.


If you get cheap fabric, can you do pyjama shorts?

We’re planning to buy a device to convert family videos from vhs to digital. The one we’re looking at is $80, but my family and my husband’s family both have a lot of vhs’s so we should get a lot of value out of it. Once we’ve gotten through our immediate family videos we might offer it to our extended families, not as a Christmas thing but just to work on throughout the year.

This is the one we’re looking at using but if anyone has recommendations I’d love to hear them!


I made tiny crocheted Christmas ornaments a couple of years ago.


When bf’s mom does stockings, I love when she includes nice personal care items (Burt’s bees, nice soap, travel/sample size toiletries…you could do manicure/nail polish/nail art stuff: TJ Maxx/Ross have sets of brand name mini-bottles cheap around holidays, eg OPI). Wool socks were popular, but then everyone got too many… Cold weather accessories in fun colors? Scarves, dollar gloves, off-brand Buff (

Art/craft supplies or kits were always a hit for us kids. Especially something unusual…tie dye pencils, oven bake clay (eraser sculpey?), calligraphy pens, that kind of thing. You could split sets, and/or include your own instructions.

For grandparents, photo gifts are awesome. A small album or a framed photo. Most will appreciate something handmade more than a kid would, I think.

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Can’t go wrong with consumables: tea/coffee samplers, fancy candy or chocolate, lotions/soaps, candles.


What a cool idea!

Great ideas, guys! Must get back on Pinterest!

Our library has machines that do that. You might want to check yours, libraries are all so different. But $80 might be worth it to you to be able to do it in the convenience of your home.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I just checked and our library doesn’t offer it, but I learned about a bunch of services they do offer. I don’t mind spending the money since my dad is impossible to shop for and he’ll appreciate this, plus then we can pass it around to family and friends later.

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We’re doing Salt dough ornaments this year, I’ve decided. This will be great or terrible.


I’m trying to figure out my gifting for this year.

Mom: home-knit sweater
Dad: home-knit socks and/or slippers
Wizard: ???
Wizard’s mom: ???
Wizard’s dad: ??? some sort of group of edible treats is likely
Bestie: ??? probably a charitable donation

I usually do homemade candies for the little “obligation” presents to co-workers and the like – I’ll make a mix of honey cream caramels, some truffles, some candied citrus peel and put them in cute little bags.