Gold Star Parenting


All hail


That is definitely some gold star parenting there! We are working our way there but both kids sleeping at the same time is parenting goals!

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There is literally no other goal I care about at this age. :joy: You will be there soon! How old is the babe now, 2 months? BB is 5 months and it’s been a long time coming.

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Yup! Baby is 2 months. We’re getting there though!

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:star: that’s brilliant!

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I am not a Crafty Mom. But yesterday I was possessed to try and finger paint with Latte with some hacks I found online, and since she’s been liking wearing her smock for meals. And it went well! :exploding_head: she enjoyed it, easy clean up, no tantrum about stopping. Incredible.

It ended up a little “left for dead” aesthetic, but tis the season.


Fun!! I’m glad it was a success :grin:

I sat Pipsqueak down on a big piece of flip chart paper with crayons a few days ago and she was thoroughly unimpressed. Guess we aren’t there yet developmentally.


Good one. Painting is the worst.


I made disaster mess muffins and the experience neas clearly a sensory delight


I need to do a few more gold star painting days before snow. I’m not ready for indoor painting


We made bread men.

Am I on the hook for a breadman with sprinkles everytime I bake bread now? Yes.
Are they gingerbread men? No. Literally the same dough from the loaf of bread cut with a cookie cutter and then sprinkles added (no sprinkles for babies).


In the early evening, my kid likes to traverse the downstairs in circles over and over again.

This weekend I taught her to bend down and crawl under my legs when I’m sitting on the couch with my feet on the coffee table instead of getting upset that I’m blocking her route. Now I can sit and enjoy my wine more comfortably. :star2: