Gig Worker Economy News: Prop 22, UK Supreme Court

Breaking news: companies that spent $200 million to lobby to pay workers below minimum wage are, in fact, paying workers below minimum wage

I’m actually curious what some folks here that are CA based rideshare/delivery operators have experienced. The big issue was, of course, that many drivers were concerned that if they had to be employees, their would be no opportunities for rides.

Anyone have experiences pre/post-Prop 22?


Not in the business but just want to say it’s sh*t, I voted against it, and if Uber and Lyft wanted to pull out of the most populous state (greater than all of Canada), they were welcome to and don’t let the door hit you on your way out, we would figure it out without them. So mad they flippin BOUGHT this vote. :rage:


These are also my feelings as a Generic Californian™.

That being said, I’ve been a gig worker in the past and I can absolutely imagine how terrifying Prop 22 could be for someone who’s dependent on gig work for their living.


VERY big update from the UK.


I have a friend who is Canadian but is able to work for [Big American Company based in CA] as a contractor. He is very economically stable compared to Uber drivers and the like, but he is really scared he might lose his job if this goes through.


I have a bunch of OR-based freelance graphic artist friends that work for CA businesses that aren’t worried about their gigs, but are stressed at the amount of paperwork Assembly Bill 5 is causing them.

Assembly Bill 5 has been in effect for awhile though, so unless your Canadian friend is a an app-based driver in california, he would not be effected by Prop 22.

This is the bill that applies to gig workers

Prop 22 exempts “app based” companies from those protections.


Really enjoyed galliver’s rage here.

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Thank you! He feels really relieved now.