Get it Done December

Oh jeez! I need this so badly! So much to get done ! So much unfucking to do!

*Get to inbox zero at work (currently at 840):person_facepalming:
*Open joint bank account
*Deal with the rest of the leaves
*Weed out the spice cabinet
*File homestead application
*Find birth certificate
*If found, get MN drivers license — If not found, order replacement
*Get basement into some sort of order, not necessarily on shelves but at least boxes in stacks
*Weed out socks and underwear drawers


If it makes you feel better, I got to inbox zero when I left work on Sunday and this is what it looks like now.



Thank you. That makes the 5 months it took me to get to this point look like nothing.


This is only my personal inbox. The news@ inbox I’m jointly responsible for on weekends gets approximately 2 emails a minute.

this is the past 20 minutes


A little late to the game but I want in! I will have a list shortly.


I’m a little intimidated by my own list but here it is:

  • :mailbox_with_mail:Send holiday cards (already ordered, now need to write on them and mail them)
  • :iphone: Clear out photos on phone from the past 9 months to only the necessary ones to keep (March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December)
  • :framed_picture:Print the best of those photos for albums
  • :birthday:Plan baby’s birthday party (in January) and invite people
  • :card_file_box:File or recycle pile of papers on desk
  • :stethoscope:Find a doctor for self and spouse and make an appointment for each of us
  • :baby:Put out feelers for extra childcare help (babysitters besides my own parents)
  • :bank:Call bank about boring thing I don’t wanna do
  • :package:Clear out pile of stuff that I have earmarked for donation/Buy Nothing

I have a million things to do at home but I have one document I need to send out for work and I.don’ I will send it out today by the end of the day.
Update: E-mail sent. I’m not sure this would have happened without this thread.


Did room overhaul!


Update as of 12/7/2023


  • get 23 in 2023 badges assigned - 20m
  • get 23 in 2023 stickers mailed out - 2h
  • update billing credit card for (1) mint (2) linode - 20m
  • make 24 in 2024 challenges - 20 min
  • send out 2023 Purrsonal Finance Society stickers - 20m
  • credit workshop slides - 50m
  • book sample - 2hr
  • write blog post for Budgetlympics - 4hr
  • Budgetlympics live stream - 3hr
  • Badges - 20 m
  • stickers - 3 hrs
  • film + edit one edited video - 5hrs
  • Make snackuary - 20m

Other things

  • annual report started
  • order new contacts
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Finish putting up Christmas decorations
Pay C, G, and maybe O bills
Ask tax dude about thing
Health insurance enrolled, need to pay/make sure auto pay works.
Kohls return
Book LL
[secret boring project]
Start 401k roll over process
Clean my desk. Figure out how to keep it from becoming a dumping zone.
Fix Roomba
Call around for septic estimates - started
Get photo editing done (myself? pay someone else?)

  • Flu shot
  • Finish Secret Santa fic
  • Finish knitting socks
  • Finish crocheting slippers
  • Go on 4 hikes (unlikely but a girl can dream)
  • Send Christmas cards
  • Read 4 books
  • Buy plane tickets…

Got one thing done, at least, and progress on a few others.


Well crap I missed this! :frowning:


You can still join there’s still time in december!


Ok here goes!

  1. Paint the crown moulding that the can of paint has been waiting for since March.
  2. Clean up and sort the cat toys - beyond spoiled and could have some donated.
  3. Declutter guest bathroom closet, guest room closet
  4. Give away work branded clothes ( in progress, have someone lined up to receive and need to sort)
  5. Organize will revision and contact lawyer to set up appointment for changes in January.
  6. Clean out jackets in hall closet.
  7. Clean out toques and mitts
  8. What am I doing with my lamps I made?!
  9. Picture frames and matte for Opry pictures
  10. Framed pictures no longer in use - figure out what to do with them. Aka donate and get out of the house.

Basically I have too much stuff and some of it needs to go.

Edit for check in: I decluttered and organized the guest bathroom closet today.


Officially joining! (And doing a first week update to ensure I get the sticker LOLOL I am only sticker-motivated, apparently). A little late because I was like “oh I don’t need this challenge,” which is obviously an indication that I desperately need it :rofl:

  1. Do the laptop security update
  2. Update my Garmin InReach software (…this has been lurking since April jfc)
  3. Clean primary suite bath tub
  4. Clean gear bathtub
  5. Clean oven oh god nooooo
  6. Swap and wash vacuum filter
  7. Convince partner to donate clothes he doesn’t need. Also trash nasty-ass camping cot in the garage
  8. Buy replacement burner drip pan thingies for stove
  9. Toss the ancient old bag of trash that’s been sitting on the back porch for ages…
  10. Bonus: do first pass of cleaning carpet

We did this! In laws want a check, which we can write when my bonus clears.


Update! 1 done, some progress made

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A few done, a few more in, and current challenge is that it’s almost 2am and I’m still conscious because I somehow napped from 9 to midnight so tomorrow is probably going to be questionable as far as accomplishments.

  • Finish/ship non-family non-donate-type gifts (1/2 done)
  • See how I did on OMD Bingo for the year
  • Repair or get rid of clothes in ‘damaged’ pile
  • Finish work donations/match submission before deadline
  • Use up about-to-expire gift card


  • Get mammogram
  • Find homes for stuff on the guest bed
  • Take canopy down or deal with it in some way

Took the day off on Friday and got my mammogram and raked the leaves. Filled the 8 leaf bags we have and then the rest are contained in a pile. Purged my socks and underwear but they are now all just in a pile on the floor,.


After the haz mat/e-waste drop off, came home to find I forgot an e-waste thing. Then BF reorganized and found two dead batteries. SMH. However, I am calling this done and will deal with the other things later.

Thirft store, same story: after drop off, found more. But that is normal, so this is also “done for now.”

Only listed 1 of about 6 things that need to be listed, because we hates it, precious. I am reconsidering some of the listings, but some of it is stuff I foolishly promised a friend to sell when she moved out of state & ran out of time to sell & space to take with. It’s been over a year, guys. I want these things gone!

Victories of this week were finding that the haz mat place also takes e-waste, and getting photos for all the listings, and getting one listing done.

Focus for the upcoming week is to get all the postings up.