Frustrated with tax software....recommendations needed!

I’ve been using TaxSlayer for the past few years since I was trained on it for VITA and I like that you can jump around to your own forms rather than being ‘guided’.

But, they have a software issue with our schedule H and tech support has been ‘looking into it’ for 2 months with no resolution. It also isn’t recording my spouses K-1 when I enter it into the software.

So, then I tried FreeTaxUSA and it is correctly dealing with the schedule H and K-1. BUT it’s messing up our 1099R backdoor Roths and reporting an extra $12K of taxable income which is a really big mistake!

So, does anyone know of a software that’s relatively cheap and can do all three of these correctly:

  • Schedule H for a ‘credit-reduction state’
  • K-1 partnership income/loss
  • Backdoor Roth 1099R with taxable amount different from total distribution amount
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It sounds like you know which forms you need to use and how to complete them. If so, then Free Fillable Forms?

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I tried TaxSlayer too since I was also VITA trained, to save about $20. I had already started with TurboTax so I had an easy side-by-side comparison. TurboTax beat Taxslayer by literally hundreds of dollars and I decided I didn’t want to spend the time to try and replicate the results in Taxslayer.

I know TurboTax will do the K-1 and backdoor Roth; I have no experience with the Sch H for a credit-reductions state though.
I also acknowledge that at this date, it’s not cheap.

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I didn’t see the K-1 (Form 1065) listed there but I’ll take another look.

Idk about all your forms, sorry, but we used this and it worked fine:

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I’m sorry, I don’t see it either. I’m not familiar with any of the other options.

Yeah, the reality is that if TurboTax can do what I need, it’s still probably cheaper than hiring a CPA and less likely for me to make a mistake than doing the whole thing by hand.

Thanks! I’ll take a look

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No idea where you keep your investments, but if they’re at Fidelity look at the offers on the front page…in some cases they’re offering federal+one state filing through TurboTax for free.

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I probably should have googled first…I will try this tonight and see if it fixes the issue. It’s a different method that taxslayer