For those still on the YNAB4 train

I’ve been slacking on keeping my expense tracking updated since a) pandemic and b) I hit the wall on keeping YNAB4 running on my computer. None of the alternatives have clicked for me, so today I did a bit of a deep dive on options going forward, and found a few resources that may or may not be helpful for anyone.

  1. Someone started a YNAB4 subreddit:

  2. Which pointed me toward some fixes for letting YNAB 4 run on newer versions of operating systems:

Let the record reflect that the solutions do require a bit of willingness to get messy and I cannot vouch for the security/longevity of any of these solutions, but I did upgrade past macOS10.14 (now on 12.5) and so far so good.

If anyone is interested and needs help/hand holding, I’ll do what I can!


I’m still on the YNAB4 train, so thanks for posting this!

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Also still on the YNAB4 train, and have definitely noticed it struggling. I thought it was the 12 years of data :slight_smile: . I will definitely give this a try to see if it helps. Thanks!

Idk if it will help performance, but it should let you update your operating system!!

Only one way to find out! I feel like I’ve gotten a great ROI out of the $40 I plonked down in 2012, but $100 a year is a lot, especially when I don’t think I’d use a lot of the functionality. If there’s a chance I can postpone having to figure out an alternative for a couple more years, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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