For Fun: Two Songs you've been listening to!

So my little squirrel brain starts to encourage my eyes to glaze over when I see long lists, but I thought it’d be fun to share a few songs that we’ve been really jamming out to lately!
They don’t need to be all-time favorites, just good or fun or nice songs we can share with each other.
:sunglasses:Two songs please. :sunglasses:
Post multiple times if you have a few other suggestions.

Ready…Set… Go!

Sierra Ferrel - In Dreams
You can find this on Youtube.
When I hear her music I feel a nice little settling in my soul, like “oh yeah, this is the music of the forgotten weirdo hill folks like me.” Ha.

Tierra Whack - Pretty Ugly
You can find this song anywhere
This song is FUN. She is so talented. It’s only a minute long, but worth playing on repeat a few times and dancing to for your pets… er, so says a… friend.


Dua Lipa – Want To

Dua Lipa – Electricity

Dua Lipa has jams, Ok??!?


Great thread idea!

Obsessed with this bop, the video on youtube is worth it but it’s also on spotify:

Rendez Vous - Miss Benny


weird week in music for me:

Some old school scorpions with some old skool garage on the side.


One thing (feat Christina Soto) by Bassnectar
Dug My Heart by Børns


I LOVE that song!

Static-X ‘Push It’ Great song to get pumped to

Shaman’s Harvest ‘Dirty Diana’ A great rock version of a Michael Jackson classic

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Simon and Garfunkel - “April Come She Wiil”

Fleetwood Mac - “Gold Dust Woman”

ETA that second has also led me back to Hole’s fabulous cover, which nevertheless isn’t as perfect as the original.

Last week my former partner sent me a Scorpions Youtube link after he thought of me when hearing the song and that sent me on an old school Scorpions bender :smiley:

I’ve been listening to a friend’s album on repeat lately. It’s like instrumental lounge music in 1930’s France. I am drawing a blank on actual songs I’ve listened to recently aside from my Scorpions (and then Yes) binge last week.

But tomorrow I have a feeling I’m just going to make my way down this thread for house cleaning music!

YAY! People are using this thread! :slight_smile:
Here’s two more from me.

Goldfrapp - Eat Yourself
I have been on such a Goldfrapp bender lately. I firmly believe this is because The L Word is coming back.

Open Mike Eagle - Relatable
I first heard Open Mike Eagle interviewed on the Podcast ‘The Hilarious World of Depression’ and found his story very moving and his personality very engaging. Turns out his music is the same. : )

Levitate - twenty one pilots

Car Radio - twenty one pilots

I’m watching the music videos a lot. The lyrics and imagery is related and I’m enjoying digging into it.

Also I feel 21P in my soul.

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Well, thanks to that video I have a new crush.

Car radio is so damn good. That, stressed out, and heavydirtysoul I could happily listen to on repeat for an entire day.

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OH yes. I listened to stressed out for essentially an entire work day once. No shame.

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I just found this thread! Was there ever a thread more perfect for me?? I did name my journal after a song I’m obsessed with, after all.

But in addition to that, a different Rosalía song.

And sometimes I listen to others: H.E.R. Changes

Ok I was listening to this earlier and on repeat and it just makes me happy and want to dance around my house - well I may have been doing that tidying up the kitchen and half singing/mumbling because I don’t know Spanish-

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“You walk in my head” = “You’re running through my mind”?
It’s joyful, with a sweet video. I like it!

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I’ve had “Safe and Sound” in my head a lot lately. It’s not new. Maybe something about feeling like our country is falling apart?

And I’ve been listening to the new Billie Eilish song, because it’s new. And I like it. The video does nothing for me but according to my teenager, “everyone” loves it. I get that it’s a sort of teenage fantasy to run through a mall taking whatever you want.

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