First Weekend of May in $$$


How was your weekend? Did you spend mindfully and in line with your values? Did you buy boring necessities? Did you buy something frivolous that you’re now kicking yourself over? (If the last, it may not be too late to return whatever you bought! Unless you already ate it.)

At the Sheep and Wool Festival, we spent…
$10 on admission
$4 on kettle corn (YUM)
$6 on other festival food
$14 on maple syrup
$a lot on honey (most of which will be turned into mead)
$36 on two hand-woven baskets, one for bathroom organization (so happy, it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while, except now I want more) and one for a Mother’s Day gift

Supporting small and local crafters and farmers are important values to us, so I’m happy with all of the purchases. In fact, the baskets were the only thing that we didn’t specifically plan to buy there.

Also, D’s mom bought a festival T-shirt for the wiggler and a fancy bottle carrier made of recycled leather for him.

I resisted many things, including comfy handmade clothing that is outside my current fun money budget, and pretty pretty antique buttons.

D later went to the grocery store and spent $52 stocking up.

On Sunday, I spent:

The most exciting of boring necessities!


I think my only outflow was about $40 for groceries. I pretty much didn’t leave the house otherwise. I bought only a small amount of convenience food but also produce to make lunch salads. I am determined to not let those veggies rot in the back of my refrigerator! Today is salad day two. Two more to go.


… I only spend $4 this weekend, on a used tarot deck from the library resale shop.

That’s way, way less than usual.


But what tarot deck was it???

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The Scapini Medieval Tarot. Really beautiful images; I was looking through it with a friend on Saturday and she commented that the saturation was actually right for a medieval-styled deck (which is very true – the images really do look more medieval than the images in most “medieval” decks).


Friday: $20 for groceries (lunch and buying a few camping supplies for my parents), $20 for single-day admission for husband and me to the event parents were camping at, $12-14 for fast food on the way home.

$52 on grocery pickup on Saturday (Walmart curbside has made a tenfold improvement in my weekends).

Bought fuel today but not this weekend. Stayed home all Sat-Sun other than the grocery pickup. No tractor fuel used as it was too wet and muddy, but husband did a lot of manual digging and building of a rock wall, so he surely burned more groceries. :wink:

I spent slightly less than $20 on a Mother’s Day present from Amazon on… Sunday, I think?


90 in groceries
6 on medication above what insurance covers

Not on the weekend, 60 on yarn. The colour has been discontinued and now i have enough for a sweater.


Was in NYC for work so I spent $0 out of my own pocket, but business expenses:

Thursday (night) $33 on NYC transit
Per Diem: $14.95

Friday: Per Diem: $24.91

Saturday: Per Diem: $45.91

Sunday: Per Diem: $16.29

Monday: Per Diem: $7.07

Total Damage from trip: $109.13 in food, $33.00 in transit