First Weekend In April $$$

Boy Howdy, folks, it’s time to report.

Friday: $0.99 for a book on Amazon. Post-apocalypse trash.

Saturday: $36.00 at the bar, ending in total drunkenness and mysteriously sleeping on the floor beside the bed.

Sunday: $70.60 in a brace of movie tickets, delivery sushi, and another book. Post-apocalypse trash goes so fast.


Friday: banana split at honest-to-God soda fountain, shared with my mother: $3.99 plus tax
Fuel for truck around $50
Fast food supper for us both going home $14

Saturday: curry paste from Amazon $10 (enough for eight meals)
Insulin for cat: $110
Hair clip and spray bottle $10
Bondo to fix cracked shower pan, hopefully: $27

Sunday: no money out but I’m going to have to redo the damn taxes to avoid paying to file. Also going to have to send the Feds a bunch of money sometime this week.

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Bondo is like god’s own miracle substance, innit?

Friday: $70-100 on an uber to a memorial (100 at confirmation, but 67 in email receipt… Or did it bill separately for the two legs?)

free! (other people money plus my coupon) trip to see captain marvel
free walk to console friend post breakup
$21 for tea, side salad and side of mushrooms at a restaurant
$25 for sweets for bereaved friend’s family
$48 for allergy meds and lube that won’t kill spermies

$20 for two protein bars, cheese, and period supplies and another otc medication

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Friday: $0

Saturday: $38 Chinese delivery

Sunday: $72 groceries for the week!

Friday: $20 for coffees and coffee beans
gym- free
groceries - $35- mostly breakfast stuff
Chipotle for my husband- $10
Pho- $25

Weekend was mostly relaxing at home and eating.

I don’t want to think about this, but need to get back in to budgeting, so… I spent about $50 this weekend

Friday: 0? My firm hosted a happy hour upstairs and I went.
Saturday: 20. My (soon to be ex!) husband and I went out for a lunch with the kid, it was his last weekend in the city and it was gorgeous.
Sunday: ~60 in groceries, >50% of which was expensive stuff for a sort of impromptu goodbye brunch at my apartment.


I… don’t think I spent any money this weekend. We didn’t go grocery shopping; D went on Thursday because we urgently needed milk, and I’m going today because we urgently need milk again. My parents bought the toddler shoes/clothes and took us out to dinner.

No-spend weekend! Go me!

If you like it, please share the title! Or if you hate it.

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We went on a Costco trip.

'Nuff said tbh.


Friday: $0
$60 on gardening supplies
$50 on an ENORMOUS amount of homebrewing supplies at an estate sale (wort chiller! Sweet propane burner thing so we can boil things outside! Huge strainers and spoons! Miscellaneous ingredients and cleaners!)
$12 on post-closing-night drinks and snacks
Sunday: $0

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$60 weekly groceries
$10 pork belly at the fancy butcher.
$35 dirt for the replacement raised bed in our backyard. The materials for the actual raised bed have been in our basement for an embarrassment of years.
$35 fancy needles for the pullover I am working on because I hate doing sleeves with the old needles and I didn’t ask the cost beforehand
$30 donation to the people who did the software we used for taxes


Friday: SSO was home for once on Friday, so we had nachos. This meant $7.48 on groceries.

Saturday: $3.17 on groceries at whole foods

Sunday: $4.48 on snacks at Trader joe’s for meetup; $13.15 for most of the rest of the week’s groceries at night at whole foods.

Total: $28.28 entirely in groceries. I think I can get through the week with the groceries I have.


I hope so. Haven’t tested it for watertight/weight bearing yet, but it looks promising.