Financial Superpowers

Talk yourself up. What’s one thing you do brilliantly at, with absolute ease, when it comes to finances? Can you always find a sale? Bargain down the price on anything?

Mine is procrastination. Wait 30 days before purchasing? Mate, I can have something on my list for 90 days with ease.

Unfortunately it is has a dark side of me being flustered when a sale does come up, or waiting much too long on needed items and having to purchase urgently.

What’s yours?


I forget about numbers. I can do ballpark numbers but I don’t know off the top of my head exactly how much I earn or how much of it is going to savings automagically. I used to increase my 401k contribution by 1% every year when I got my raise and when I did the paperwork I’d be like “Oh, that’s the percentage I was saving last year? Neat.”

I also hide treats like Girl Scout cookies from myself in the back corner of the freezer and then forget about them. One box for now, one box for whenever future me discovers it.


Oh oh! My superpower is being able, with absolute ease, to assess all the horrible things likely to happen and plan for them. :joy:


I am very good at guessing how much the groceries will cost before we get to the register. Fiance likes to test me and I haven’t been off by more than $5 yet in our 4 years together!


Ooooh I love this one. First I’ll steal from others- I excel at paranoia, that’s a good one. I prep for many scenarios, even ones I don’t know exist yet, and so I’m rarely caught off guard by the unexpected.

I have very low personal care spending. For a vaguely femme individual I feel like this is a win? It just doesn’t occur to me to try to Do Fashion, my skin is allergic to most makeups, etc. So I end up with my uniform and just wearing those clothes shoes etc to death, and I end up with my short list of products and use those until they’re empty, replacing like with like until I inevitably become allergic lol. But that means there’s rarely waste, and most often my clothes exit the house by way of the trash can. I always wear the same shirt list of jewelry items and rarely buy anything new. So I think that’s my big win- I don’t have to battle any of those costs.

My other big win is that I’m really, really good at organizing pantry goods, and keep rotating my stock really well. I won’t say my food spending is low lol, but I stock up on sales and rarely have pantry food waste so it’s lower than it would be.


I’m really good at making money. It just sort of appears these days. Took a while to get there, and because of that, my spending stays low.

I’m also good about buying in bulk, but not increasing baseline use of the bulk product.


I am good at using grocery sales to keep a good stock of supplies. And I have a good memory, so I generally know what I have and what I need more of, which helps avoid waste.

I don’t do fashion, or rather fashion doesn’t do me - I have always been fat, so there are few well-fitting attractive clothing options. So I never felt I could play in that realm. But I was always a tomboy (but I realize I don’t really know which came first), so casual and comfortable is my space anyway.

Mom was cheap / frugal, so that was modeled for me my whole life. So I am “naturally” frugal, and not usually tempted to shop or spend. Saving was also modeled, so I have have always focused on saving.


I’m really good at meal planning and freezer/pantry rotation. I’m also really good at sale shopping for clothes, furniture, etc. I think it’s because I used to work retail so I know when all the sale times are. Probably my best qualities are flexibility and patience, which come in handy with financial stuff in our situation (single earner, high medical expenses). It’s easy for me to shift money around and still meet goals and I don’t get caught up in things being perfect, or going exactly to plan, etc.

My husband is really good at finding fun cheap and free things to do. He’s constantly surprising me with fun date ideas (even during covid!) and it’s wild because I never see him searching for them? It’s like he just knows. We’ve done so many fun things because of it. Husband is also gifted at finding free things, like our new living room table, a typewriter he gave me years ago, lamps, art, etc. He has a great eye for thrifting too.


I’m really good at just not spending all the money.

Every time my husband and I have tried to write a budget, we’ve failed. When we were low income, it seemed like there was never enough to cover everything.

Except there was. So we stopped trying to budget and now we go by “just try not to buy too much”. And it worked just fine. (I think it’s both easier, and potentially not, now that we are high income. We don’t have to worry about basics, but many people at our income level work themselves into serious debt when they don’t follow “just try not to buy too much”)


I’m a cheap date. I don’t do concerts or festivals, and generally prefer to watch movies at home. I’ve gone to shows/plays/musicals/circus and they are enjoyable… Once or twice a year. For vacations I love the outdoorsy stuff and don’t mind sleeping on the ground. I/we also know people all over the country and the world, and rarely pay for lodging outside work trips.

Also, as a couple, we are quite handy and willing/able to fix things. Granted, our list of projects tends to outpace our willingness to do them but we do keep things working instead of tossing them to the curb when we can.


Oh oh! Thought of another. I’m very good at Craigslist. I wish Buy Nothing existed off of Facebook in a more robust way in Chicago. For now, I will continue to stalk Clist lol.


My mind read this without a letter. It was a very different way of getting free things.



I can make food delicious out of very little. And I can optimize routines like crazy. Also I’m allergic to driving which is a huge saving


I can use small snippets of energy to do a few high impact things now that set up my future self for success, despite my laziness and inconsistent motivation.
e.g. I set up systems to hide money from my current self so it will grow and my future self can have it instead. I bulk cook/freeze so that when my future self is low energy we don’t get takeout (also helps with taking advantage of sales or items that are more effort than make sense for two people to eat).


I am very good at ‘no spend days’. Can do between 15-20 a month, and that includes not paying bills or buying groceries. I have almost completely lost the urge to shop for stuff, apart from the odd plant or 2nd hand book.