Filing for an extension, and paying estimated taxes


As a bonus for starting my 2018 return in a timely manner, Turbo Tax warned me that I probably needed to amend my 2017 return because I’m a moron who’s not as smrt as I think I am. That last part was implied. But I definitely messed up my 2017 IRA contributions and claims, which I believe will have a knock on effect on my 2018 return.

I need a CPA, but it’s the busy season and I cannot have one until after 15-April. So, now I also need an extension. I know I need to pay my estimated taxes, but I cannot reliably estimate them until I understand what knock on effects the 2017 mess up will have, which I cannot do until I have CPA. See?

Right now Turbo Tax estimates my 2018 refund at $81. Should I just throw $1,000 towards my 2018 estimated taxes, and hope for the best?



You might be surprised, but that was not helpful.


It helped me get a badge



The monster always turns on poor Frankenstein. Yes. It is so.


Not to blame the victim, but maybe Frankenstein should stop making monsters.


The penalty isn’t that bad. Whatever you end up doing, I wouldn’t stress too much.


I’m with MJ here. Pay some to show good faith, and spitball the amount best you can with the info you have, but don’t sweat it being too exact.


Yup, especially because you have had taxes withheld already so you’re unlikely to owe tens of thousands of bucks, I’d just throw in a few hundred good faith bucks, and then file the extension. I know cough some people who haven’t ever filed on time and have to do an extension every year…