End of April in $$$

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Friday: $8 on a dress for my SIL’s upcoming wedding (had a discount code and a gift card). Drove out of town to visit my parents for the weekend.

Saturday: $86 on union dues that somehow didn’t process when I paid them earlier in the month. Helped my dad plant a garden full of salad greens and install rabbit fencing.

Sunday: $0. We were going to eat out when we came home from my parents, but the tasty pan-Asian place near our house had like a dozen cop cars in the parking lot, so we stayed home and ate potstickers from the freezer instead.


Friday: $18 on pizza and about 8 on juice, sparkling water and hummus at the grocery store

Saturday : $8 for incense, a daiya yogurt, and a gf breakfast sandwich at the organic grocery store

Sunday: 17.50 for chips, oranges, bananas, a mango, a cucumber, dates, ginger, cilantro and 4 things of frozen juice

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Friday: $2.30
Nacho night. $2.30 in groceries

Saturday: $14.17 Home feeling like crap, dropped off dry cleaning ($0 but will be $13.50 when I pick it up), picked up prescriptions ($0 because I hit my OOP max), stocked up on vegan mac and cheese at the grocery store for 60% off and black beans ($14.17), then went skating ($0 thanks to public skate pass)

Sunday: $0 Went skating $0; stayed in working rest of day (free)

Total damage: $16.47

Friday: $10 on bread at a local bakery to bring in to work (it’s good to bribe the co-workers). $8.96 at Trader Joe’s for some lunch and breakfast stuff for the work day, and $10.84 on a yoga mat (I’ve had one on my purchases-to-age list for a good two years and figured it was finally time). My monthly donation to the SPCA ($25) and our utilities bill ($253.86, of which $203 will be paid back to me by housemates = net spend about $50) also came out of my account this day.

Saturday: $15 for my monthly donation to Planned Parenthood.

Sunday: $0 spent.

Total damage: $29.80 “unscheduled” purchases, $120.66 net purchases when including utilities and charity.

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Spendy weekend for me!

Friday: $0
Saturday: $150-ish, went to lunch with brother and his GF and treated them.
Sunday: $20-ish, went to lunch with a friend (dutch). $5, went to a bar with friends (ordered seltzer, lime, bitters) tip included.

Total: $175

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Spent most of the weekend at my parents’ house and didn’t have to get gas, so the only thing we bought this weekend were a few groceries on Sunday afternoon–about $30.

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Friday: $8 or so on lunch with a colleage during the brief lull between end-of year meeting. Was worth it to get a chance to talk to this colleague, and I won an award for my research that comes with a check for $1,000 at the university-wide convocation.

Saturday: $32.50 for tractor hydraulic fluid (this is a fantastic price; usually it’s $50 for a five-gallon bucket)

Sunday: About $20 for Chinese takeout which husband brought over to our friends’ place. I’d been there several hours helping them pack to move by the time he got there. They gave us a bunch of dog bedding and a 3D printer (!)

I bought groceries on Thursday, so that doesn’t count (but was $50 for the week for the house - he bought some for his apartment earlier in the week).


Saturday $25 on groceries.

Sunday $2 on milk, $14 on beer, $7 on doughnuts and $20 on admission to go up the mountain to get married. Add in $30 for the marriage license (which we got last Tuesday) and we paid $73 to get married.


It turns out the price of black existential despair is…$28 on take out.