E-Bikes and Bikes and Biking, OH MY


Hey buds,
I saw a Sonders Thin E-Bike today when I was leaving the gym. I have never seen one in the wild, but I have been admiring them for a while (8-12 months?) on the internets.

Previously, when I lived in a very flat state and city, I biked for 80%+ of my commutes. I have been in my “new” city for about 7 years now and have biked twice (on my late grandfathers bicycle which I inherited, he was an avid cyclist).
Hills are rude, and tbh I am already stretching out my physical capacity each day (I am a professional dog walker and do Crossfit), and I might like a little boost from an E Bike. I find them all ugly except the Sonders Thin, that Vanmoof one, and the Faraday.

Does anyone have any input on E Bikes, want to back-and-forth about them, or want to discuss other bikes?
This is a thread about bikes. Lez talk about bikes. :bike:


Whhhoa, did you hear @krmit’s idea for a show on e-bikes and how to decide if they’re worth it? Amazing.


No! I am just barely able to keep up with all of the forum now, which is exciting but also… I AM MISSING THINGSSSS


Yay! :biking_woman:

My bike is an 18-year-old Trek mountain bike that is way more heavy duty than I really need as a city commuter. Mr krmit thinks I need to upgrade to a lighter speedier bike and I’m e-bike curious, which I know may not be lighter, but speedier is a plus.

Looking forward to that OMD show on e-bikes!