Do you want to post to topics by email?


Hello! One of the features of our forum software includes the ability to post by email for different topics. It’s turned off in most parts of the forum, but since so many users subscribe to notifications by email I thought it might be useful to turn on. Would you like this? Would you use it?

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I don’t use email notifications and so don’t care one way or the other. Just wanted it clear I’m not opposed. :slight_smile:


Nah, wouldn’t care one way or the other if this was a feature


So this means you could reply to a topic within your email program from the notifications you get? Instead of going to the site to reply?




Doesn’t sound bad, but I don’t mind not being able to do it, either.


Is this just something you can turn on or would it cost the site somehow?

I am a weirdo that tends to stop using sites once I subscribe via email (so shouldn’t weigh in) but if it’s a simple settings switch I vote go for it


It might

  1. influence page views which determine the reach when we display ads occasionally

  2. increase the cost I pay for emails (current I get 10K transactional emails free a month and we go usually only $.59 above that.)


I don’t see myself using this feature. Seems harder than just doing it?


I also would probably not use this option.


Don’t do it if there’s a chance it would cost you.

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I also wouldn’t do it, but that’s just me.

ETA: This did prompt me to look at my settings and disable email alerts for everything except direct messaging! I am logged on here enough to know. :wink:


I don’t think this would add much to my use of the site.


It’s not something I would use either.