Do the thing you've been putting off!


And then brag about it here.


I just emailed a tradie (who happens to be my neighbour!) about work we want done in the front yard, preparatory to turning it into a vege patch.


Made a bulk shopping list, of all the shelf-stable items that we use/run out of regularly. After I did that, I separated items that I buy packaged from ones I should be able to buy from a bulk dry goods store.


Scheduled a rent check to be mailed, so I don’t need to get cash.


I was going to claim a Tony Victor, then I saw this thread! I have a very old mutual fund that I’ve wanted to get rid of for years, but I intentionally waited for a low-income year to avoid capital gains taxes. This is the year.

It is nearly September and I finally got around to figuring out how to sell it! The transaction is scheduled for today.

I did try back in Jan/Feb, but couldn’t find the right button on the website. I thought it was going to involve a phone call, so I put it off. For months. Checked again over the weekend, and there was the button! I’m pretty sure it was not there before and the website has since been updated.


Finished a crochet washcloth!

I also turned some fabric that I’d been saving for some inspiring idea into a skirt. Now it is useful instead of taking up space.


Put off doing my sick leave application for 3 weeks. Finally got it in, covering next week as well in case of feeling sad. Might need to go back to dr to request extra notes for admin people.


I submitted my voter registration form. It’s been partially filled out for months. Now I can call my new representatives!


I don’t know why I was super anxious about checking my tax return details, but I was :woman_shrugging: finally did it, they look normal, and once Mr H has checked his I can lodge my return and wait patiently for my refund.

Also replied to a text, which I’d been procrastinating about for days. Why?! Who knows. But I did it! I did the thing!


Getting off couch and going to bed. 9pm.


I haven’t weeded in… over two months. I finally pulled some that were growing around our deck because I wasn’t sure what they were so I didn’t want the cats to chew on them in case they were toxic.

Also not exactly mine but my husband finally redid the caulk in our master shower. I helped by finding the tube of caulk and getting the cats out of the way.


My husband’s: bought a new computer. He put this off for at least 18 months. This should allow him to let go of a lot of old electronics and parts.

Mine: finally put all the tags from my plants into a folder and sorted my seeds by sowing season!


Several things this morning:

  • Went to Centrelink to sort out issues with the childcare subsidy
  • Lodged a cheque with the bank (literally had no idea what to do with it other than take it into a bank and ask for help; cheques aren’t common here!)
  • Took two jars of coins to the bank to deposit
  • Lodged forms for a rebate on our solar panels, also with the bank
  • Lodged my tax return

Downloaded R & R Studio for my course. It was both simple and utterly confusing, but it is done.


Recognising and putting in writing that I have been putting off (particular tasks related to my volunteer gig) because I have assumed they will be too hard for me to figure out.

Committing to at least starting the tasks tonight.


Started, and completed. Waiting for my work to get checked to confirm I got it right.

Also replied to a few more messages that had been giving me social anxiety feelz.


Started thank you notes for my baby shower. Accepted that hand writing isn’t going to happen, and typed and printed notes are better than no notes at all.

Set up a login for my new insurance company.

  • Deposited a check from a month ago.
  • Called (calliiiing) my bank about another check.

The supposed data project I’ve been suppose to work on was actually more of a language and subject matter problem. There was zero data involved so I ignored it. Well, I finally got over myself and did it today. Now I can definitively show that what we are doing has nothing to do with the thing they wanted it mapped to.


Did a few of these over the last few days:

  • Replaced lightbulbs in bathroom and bedroom
  • Got replacement batteries for tempdrop and baby thermometer
  • Fixed straight stitch oil leak