Discounts, not one-time

Because of our age, I have researched senior disocunts. The best list I’ve found is here:

My idea for this thread is that we all post discount threads we know about, so all of us (or as many as possible) can benefit!

Until I came here for example, I had NO idea there was anything known as “buy nothing.” The only freebie site I knew was freecycle.


I use the Honey extension on my browser and run it anytime I’m making a non Amazon type purchase. Gets me discounts like 20% of the time. Totally worth doing.

Ummmm I shop a lot at Costco so the executive membership made sense for us. 2% back via the CC, 2% back for executive membership.

I use Honey too. Got my first gift card this month. $10, but certainly wouldn’t have had it otherwise!

If you want to buy any fitness related item - fitbit, Gym membership, fitness shoes- check your health insurance, usually they have significant discounts even through boutique gyms!


I had never heard of Honey, but signed up for it. Got an email that I have $1.44 in my account! I assume it has to build up some before you can claim it? I don’t do PayPal, is there another way to do it?

I use the Rakuten chrome extension (used to be ebates) and get cash back on a LOT of online purchases. I just got like $33 back from last quarter’s spending. Not a ton of money but every little bit helps.

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We do paypal, but the card we got was from Lowe’s, not a paypal. So, yes, you can do it without paypal I think.

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I hadn’t looked at my Honey account for a while. It DOES require a paypal account, even if you don’t take the $ that way. Sorry!

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