Decluttering discussion thread: share your wins, ask for advice, inspire each other!


I got my university email inbox down to 11 unread, 47 emails total to process. I’ve started unsubscribing from the professional mass emails in my personal inbox that are doubled up in my university inbox. I dealt with 100 emails today! Go me!


This, they’ll take all sorts of ripped and stained stuff.

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The different perspectives on older makeup shared here helped clarify for me that I don’t actually want / need to own the makeup in question going forward. So I’m going to get rid of it :slight_smile:

I made zero progress on getting stuff out of the house over the past few days. Need to make another push this evening and tomorrow because I am SO DONE with clutter. Dear clutter, it’s not me, it’s you. You have to go.


Brought in a bag of chia seeds (which I got to put in my oatmeals but found disgusting) and set it out on the free table at work. Gone already!

It looks like someone finally took the ugly holiday coffee mug too.


Gotta let them cook with the oatmeal or they’re crunchy! Just in case that was the problem and you ever want to try again.


I managed to avoid getting a bookshelf. It was up for grabs, lightweight and close by, but I don’t need it and pickup would’ve delayed my hike. It would help me store clothes, but I can find another option when I reach my shelves’ breaking point.

I wore some of my new free pile clothing today. Actually, most of what I wore or carried today was gotten secondhand. I consider this a win, since if I don’t wear this stuff why do I have it?


I’m going through the electronic detritus that Ponder sorted for me. I actually know what some of it is used for! I am hoping when I present him with my “keep” box, he will either agree OR maybe even tell me “Nah we don’t need XYZ as he pulls it out of the box”.


Yeah Ponder got stressed because there were no right answers besides “chuck it”.

We ditched 6 batteries, 2 little power brick things and 20 cables… So far


Gave away five shoeboxes to a friend who asked for shoeboxes on Buy Nothing. I knew I was hanging on to them for a reason!!

Well and truly behind on my goal, but I should get time to do some serious decluttering this week when I have a day at home with Ewok in childcare.


I got 4m of fabric out of my stash. This was a “use it up” rather than “got rid of it” story, but I found 2m of a lovely fabric I’ve had for 7 years and made a quick curtain for our entrance window, so now I can admire it instead of feel guilty about it. I also removed 1.5m upholstery fabric + 0.5m of upholstery quilted stuff to make a pram undercarriage bag to replace the one that broke. Didn’t need to buy a thing to make it.


Home sick today with sick baby, but managing to list a few things on Buy Nothing in between bouts of feeling like absolute crap.


Hey, this is what a stash is for. :slight_smile:


I have made an executive decision to work from least to most fraught clutter. It has freed me from inaction.

So far…
Winter Clothes
Expired Medicines

Today is the kitchen pantry! So long expired spices.

I know I’ll pay the piper when I get to the emotional items. But maybe having some momentum behind me will help.


I have now picked out… three… items to officially get out of the house, and one shirt to be turned into rags.

I am not very good at decluttering this month, apparently. I need to just spend 20 minutes digging around.

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Fancy lounging looks excellent.

I’ve got one of my email inboxes down to less than 20 emails in it. Not a zero inbox but few enough to be manageable!

I described to DH an alternative way to set up our study. He liked it so much that rearranged the furniture unprompted that night, and now it’s really nice to use but also glaringly obvious how many unfinished projects I have, that are a huge chunk of my clutter. They need to get finished or get out…


I think I’ve been very clear about my position on fancy lounging. I am pro.


I’m pro fancy lounging for MJ or anyone else who’d like to do it, but very much anti for me. I might have to get up and go hike through mud to admire my husband’s latest project at any moment, or avoid snakes in the woods (~15 feet away when lounging on my porch), or play with a dog or something. Boots and cargo pants for lounging all the way for me, because options*.

*Oh, and incidentally because mosquitoes.


Yes, even in my posh urban apartment I currently live in, fancy lounging doesn’t go well for me. The Pup sees to that.


Haha, ok, I am anti- mandatory fancy lounging. But if you want to fancy lounge, and you are not doing it, you are a monster.