Deal with the Goopy Awfuls!

I have decided that aside from the usual day to day, one thing I need to tackle and don’t is the “goopy awfuls.” I’m not talking about the cat box, which is a regular need.

I’m talking about the back of the “guest” closet, under the bed or oven or washer/dryer, or other appliances… the spots I avoid, because they aren’t often seen, by me or anyone else, and accordingly can be easy to ignore.

I don’t want/need to know anyone else’s “goopy awfuls,” that’s not what I’m after. And I sure don’t want to talk about mine! :roll_eyes: I want a place for a regular check in, once a month or more often, whatever suits you/your space.

I want a way to give an “atta girl” (or appropriate equivalent) or tea and sympathy when life gets in the way, as it often does.


I counted. I have about 20 of these. So, once every couple of weeks? That doesn’t sound so bad…

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I love the phrase goopy awfuls!

Im in that danger zone where we have lived in our house for almost 9 months :exploding_head: and there are still a bunch of boxes that haven’t been unpacked or moved to a functional storage space. They have strong potential to turn into goopy awfuls.


We’ve lived here for 30+ years, and after a while you just don’t “see” things any more!

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First one [✓] today 6/20/24. This would have been easier and probably wouldn’t be a “goopy awful” if the guy who built this house hadn’t done everything on the cheap, he had no sense of how much room to leave where, and used materials which make it hard to clean. Some of the “hard to clean” materials we’ve dealt with. Others are planned. What I just cleaned? Well, it might get fixed, or might not…