Dark font with dark theme

NOTE: See my later comment - Facebook Container extension had an issue in 2.3.3; version 2.3.4 resolves it.

Anyone else having this issue?

  • Windows 10
  • Firefox
  • Font Contrast extension disabled (same behavior enabled or disabled)
  • No other style extensions enabled

While thread titles are light, threads are all dark font as of this morning.

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I’m not having the problem on Android - I’ll try to check on my computer in a bit

Not having this issue on iOS.

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Work computer is windows 10 with chrome and no issues with that

Yup - does not seem to affect Edge/Chromium on Windows, or Firefox on Android. I checked another Discourse based forum, and had the same issue there with the dark theme. It could certainly be isolated to one of my extensions. If I open a Private Window (no extensions), I don’t have the issue. I know the Facebook container extension blocks some things on this site that come from one of Facebook’s domains. Not sure what else could be the cause of it.

EDIT: CONFIRMED - this is due to the Facebook container extension (which I’m not willing to part with!) For some strange reason this theme must now be relying on a Facebook component of some sort Facebook container is causing various sites to misbehave. Ugh this extension must’ve had a buggy release.

Yes - disregard, not tied to Discourse.


Aha! Nice find.

I was just coming to report dark mode in Firefox on Windows 10 is working for me but I don’t have Facebook Container.

Excellent detective work as usual, neo!! Although sucky that you’re experiencing this on the forum!


what is this?

It ensures that any assets a web site requests that comes from any Facebook-owned domains are blocked. It wasn’t showing anything blocked today, though I thought it may have in the past. Things like embedded Instagram posts would likely fall into this category.