Cypurr Monday Discount

Hello esteemed purrsonal finance society members.

I’m not doing a big promo for Cypurr Monday this year, but I wanted to give you all a special patron-only discount code in case you wanted to gift a copy of A Cat’s Guide to Money or a cat-sticker sheet. Use PURRSONALFINANCESOCIETY for 20% off your entire order.

This code is valid until noon PST tomorrow!

If you’d like to re-stock your purrbon , please note it won’t be back in stock until 12/15 but you can pre-order now! That means it should arrive in time for Christmas for most people in the US, but no guarantees given shipping delays. If you’d like to get the rest of your order sooner, please make two orders!

Note: My shop is closed from Friday 12/3 until Friday 12/10 as I’m out of the country, so put your orders in now if you want fast shipping! I will be shipping within 24 business hours through Thursday night. You can also order books and stickers while I’m gone from Buyolympia or Amazon.


Don’t know what a purrbon is, but I subscribed. Figured if I’m making this my “home” these days I need to pitch in some how.


:heart_eyes_cat: thank mew!