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Hi y’all!

I may have made a terrible mistake. The whole company is very excited for this 23 person mafia game that we are going to play throughout the retreat. That I proposed and agreed to run.

Now i need to build the mafia game.

The setting is that we are all animals on a farm and living a peaceful life. Then, one night, A UFO arrives and aliens infiltrate the farm.


  • 3 days
  • 23 people
  • There is a company retreat occuring
  • We could maybe play an hour in the evening

Is this a terrible mistake? Just kidding, yes it is. But now we make the best of it. Anyone have any experiences doing murder mystery parties or mafia games that they might want to impart? Advice, tips, warnings, etc.


I love you. I think this is going to be just fine? What are your worries


:heart: :heart: :heart:

Okay, so I am struggling with the following:

  1. What mechanism ends the game early, at 3 days? Because they can often go longer. Do I just double up on days? Like, a day is Morning thru Lunch and then another is LUnch thru dinner?

  2. Is this going to be too time intensive if it’s happening parallel? Could I hedge against that by giving SIMPLE missions for people to get intel?

  3. Having different abilities for information discovery and confoundery is always anxiety inducing because what if the game breaks? I have a month so can’t really stress test it all that much. And how do you even simluate a 23 person game?LOL

  4. What if mafia is too inherently antagonistic for a compan event and people hate each other…

  5. What if I am not smart enough to make this fun? LOL.

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Nahhhh if they hate each other that’s probably because work sucks, not your game!!


What about having some “special info” cards that you leverage if progress is lagging? Maybe they are “wormholes” (like in Star Trek)

Is everyone playing as one big group or in smaller teams? All on the same “mission(s)”?



I made the game. It is themed around middle earth, Lord of the Rings.

Instructions I’ve written:

There are 22 people opted into the game. The game will begin as soon as you receive your Super Secret Letter and ends on the last day of the retreat before we all disperse. This is when we will announce winners and give PRIZES.

There will be 4 groups of people. Each group will work together SECRETLY to achieve the most points during the retreat. Each team has different ways of acquiring points. Each team will lose points if their groups full identity is discovered.

Groups and how they get points:

Elves - Recorders of memories, beautiful and vain.

Take a company picture
Take a group (elven) picture
Take a selfie with a non grup member
Take a candid shot
Where visible sequins/glitter all day

Dragons - Hoarders of treasure (ducks).
Collect ducks
Convince someone to give you their duck
Steal a duck
Holder of the hoard
Wear 7 pieces of jewelry (per day)

Hobbits - Lovers of peace and food.
Hand out friendship bracelets
Initiate a group song
Guardians of the garden (a vase of pens)
Exclamations about food (song, dance bonus)

Dwarves - The original bro. Also, miners.
Use your personal catch phrase (BOOYAH/BOOM/GOT 'EM/HOORAH/YEAH BOI)
Use an axe or mining related pun
Craft a playdough creation and tell a non dwarf about it
Collect ducks

Wizard - Mysterious and powerful
Successfully guess who is in what group
Successfully guess what their points condition is
Use the phrase “I put on my robe and wizard hat”

ANy feedback welcome LOL. Now I have to go figure out the dumb point balance.


This actually sounds fun! (And I dislike all mandatory fun group work events lol).

One typo (where vs wear glitter).

What is the border of the hord or the vase things mean?

Who is the wizard?

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Ohhh holder of the hoard is basically like, if you carry your hoard ARUND with you every day, you get points. Like all the ducks lmao. It’s going to be so many ducks dude.

I made the charaxter art with chatgpt. the coorganizer and I are LAUGHING lol.


You are my favorite.