Couponing Haul Thread

Created this thread for sharing our couponing hauls; I did a search of this forum and didn’t find anything similar.

Does anyone else here do couponing hauls? I just got into this hobby about 1 month ago and am hooked on it. I mostly coupon at Walmart and CVS. I use rebate apps mostly for Walmart hauls – ibotta,, alexa, shopmium, shopkick, fetch rewards, swagbucks, etc… For CVS hauls, I use printable coupons from internet, insert coupons, digital CVS coupons and the ExtraBucks rebates CVS gives.

I’ve basically gotten $750 worth of household & personal care items for free, plus made $65 on top of that. So I was paid $65 to go collect $750 worth of free stuff.

Hobby is very time consuming. Have to research the deals (I watch youtube videos of experienced couponers sharing their walmart and cvs couponing hauls.). Then I have to formulate a plan and then spend the time executing the deals. Then the work redeeming rebates as well as the bookkeeping in my personal finance software.

But I am having fun with it.

Here was my last haul. $135 of stuff I paid $2.25 for:

If anyone coupons here, maybe we can share our hauls in this thread. :slight_smile:


Btw, my favorite youtube channels who share their Walmart and CVS Hauls. I get a lot of ideas for my hauls from these people (and some others not listed here) :

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I super admire people who do this lol but I’m not on top of my shit enough :joy: Kroger coupons are the extent of it for me. I did know a neighbor lady who did this and donated a ton to a women’s shelter though, I thought that was super cool. gave her a hobby without a ton of clutter I guess. Her garage was a masterpiece of organized shelves.


I had the High-school age CVS worker compliment my couponing game and I have never felt cooler.


So do ya still roll CVS ExtraBucks ? :slight_smile:

Yes but I just switched health insurance so I no longer get $12,000 of medication a month at CVS so probably won’t roll as much


I’ve decided I am just going to stick with couponing at Walmart alone. With CVS, it forces you to do the couponing at least once every month, to roll your extrabucks. I want to be able to take a break from couponing any time I want. (ExtraBucks expire after a month.)

With couponing at Walmart alone, that will easily allow me to get all the sundries (toiletries, household items etc.) we need here at the home while allowing long breaks in between couponing.

CVS is just too time consuming for me and I have lost a few dollars in extra bucks because I got busy doing other things. It’s also way more complicated to put together good CVS deals, stacking the coupons perfectly. Also the coupons people get each week are random so it makes it harder to replicate CVS deals others share on youtube regularly.

With Walmart I get cash back in short order, not extrabucks. I use Ibotta,, Alexa, Shopmium & Shopkick for couponing at Walmart. Tons of “walmart couponing haul” videos on youtube uploaded very day. So I can just watch one at any given time and replicate the deals they have already figured out, allowing me to get the sundries entirely free.

I am also not going to buy any newspapers or newspaper inserts as they aren’t needed to supply a home sufficiently.