Comment/Reply Structure - Nested Comments?

This was said by someone else in a comment elsewhere, but for clarity of reading, nested comments would be super helpful. Not sure if that’s something do-able with this forum.

Replies in this forum work a bit differently than typical threading, but it’s useful once you get used to it! If someone clicks the “reply” button on a specific post, then that post will show the individual reply below it regardless of whether there have been other unrelated comments since then. Similarly, clicking on the reply arrow on top of a post will show what post it’s replying to. This post should demonstrate that as an example. Or maybe it doesn’t because there haven’t been any other posts in between!

Replies to your reply
Okay. I THINK I get it, hahah. I’m obviously out of the forum game, as the forums I’ve spent time on have all been much more old-school than this (and much more jankey).
Thanks for the explanation!

Tests another button
Checking to see if this works differently or the same. :slight_smile:

Now let me reply to the “Replies to your reply” post to see if this does what I think it will.

Yes! There we go. So basically if everyone types only in order, then it looks like a single long thread. But as soon as someone clicks the “reply” button on a post higher up, that starts this pseudo-thread thing, where you can easily see what post someone is replying to in context without having to scroll or guess.

I have to admit, I find it visually confusing still, but I’ll likely get used to it.

Yeah, it’s definitely different from nested threads, but those have their own issues too. I think I like this approach, but it does take a bit to get used to especially if you’re expecting nested threads.

Update: I still find it confusing, haha.

Okay, so I’m replying to a reply. I want to see how this works!

I thought I got it. I don’t get it. =\ I mean… I think I get it, I just really can’t follow it visually.

Yeah, I can’t say I’m a fan of how it’s done here. It looks like threading tacked-on to an unthreaded interface, since you can see the thread if you click “replies”, but you also see the reply again farther down.

I guess there are some people that like an unthreaded interface, but if that’s the case, it’d be nice to have an option to switch back and forth, not do both.


I did some digging, and found some background on this design decision:

A lot of experience and thought went into the decision to not use threading in this software. I think what they did with the little reply button is a pretty good compromise in the end.

I don’t see a way to see threaded replies. Maybe because I’m on my phone?

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tl;dr there aren’t threads, it’s just one long list of posts, but when someone does happen to click the “reply” button on something higher up, that post then shows the little arrow icon so you can see what they were replying to.

Okay, I can see in MY post that I replied to you, and click to get to your original post, and now I think you’re replying to me, but I can’t see anywhere on your post that it shows replies to it.

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Same. It seems like sometimes the reply icon is included but not others? I am not quite following the logic.
Another issue is that when you do click on the reply icon to see the conversation/nested option, you still see the post later on in its “post order” position when you scroll down. I’ve run into the problem of re-reading the same comment and getting myself confused.

Wondering if using the quote feature could solve this?

It looks like the quote feature works? It’s a little confusing on how to get that option so I’m testing it out…I just highlighted the text and there was a pop-up option to quote…lets see if it nests in the same way!

If you hit the reply button and THEN the quote button, it automatically grabs everything above.

Got it! Thanks!