Collective Book Log

Christmas in March? :grin:

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Alisha Rai’s new book, Partners in Crime, features a matchmaker and 20 pages in there is a character named Aparna.


I have a thing where I go back to fiction about things that are happening for real

So at the beginning of lockdown I reread The Stand and Kingdom of Needle & Bone

And with the start of tech layoffs, I went to And Then We Came To The End (I probably should also reread Microserfs and Grossman’s You, but I don’t have those any more (maybe also This is Not a Game?).

Any other books you’d pull up that were about these times? Ones written inspired by history, but a history that is repeating itself, or at least rhyming?

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My favorite book thing on the internet is here!


I just got caught up on Tamsyn Muir’s Locked Tomb series and I’m gonna need to go lie down for a bit… rarely have I finished three extremely complicated books and then immediately had the urge to go read them all again.

I’m glad this series is popular but how is it so popular? I wouldn’t have thought “ultraviolent theological locked-room mystery” would appeal to so many people

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The Bromance book was as cute as expected.