Cloth Diapers

Things I’ve learned this year:

I needed newborn size diapers

Rewatch the youtube videos many times.

Padfolding a prefold in a cover is not enough if the cover is a bad fit.

Jelly rolls are invincible even if the cover is still big

Covers handwash nicely, so you don’t have to get a ton.

I still have to figure out what some of the diapers in my stash are, and resell or use them.

I love cloth for so many reasons… environmental, financial…because the idea of a synthetic diaper that could stay dry for 12h creeps me out…

Share all your cloth diaper musings and tips and questions!


Popping in to say that I’m 15 months into cloth diapers and I freaking love them.


Puglet was in cloth diapers from 1 month to about 10 months when he developed a rash that went away with disposables. We have been off the cloth diapers for about a week and a half. I am hoping to get back to them and just make sure we stay on top of changing him more regularly. Aside from this random rash we have really liked cloth diapering. We use the bumgenius 5.0 and we have a few all in ones. I prefer the 5.0 with the inserts, I feel like they fit better.


Another plus to cloth diapering: As long as I have water and some detergent, I’m not worried about this aspect of a quarantine. I’ve got all the poo catchers I need and I don’t have to fight people at the store!


We’re not even cloth diapering, but have them as backup, and this is definitely some peace of mind. Also giving me mental flexibility on toilet paper :joy:


Haha I said that to someone the other day when they mentioned the craziness. I’ve already got cloth wipes that have had all manner of things on them so running out of TP will be no worries


And we already know how to wash them, no learning curve required! In fact I’ve got a bunch of old sheet that will make perfect TP if we run out…


I am so happy for my cloth diapers. So far I’ve been doing disposable at night. I have to decide if I buy another package or not. If the store has them. Yesterday’s store did not have the right size. So maybe I lean in hard to cloth at night…

Who has really good folds to get a doubled up layer on a newborn


I don’t use folds so I can’t help with those, but we were gifted some extra hemp/bamboo inserts and we throw those into her AIOs at night to add another layer of absorbency and have gotten a ton of use out of them. They’re also great for long trips. We have 12 I think and that’s more than enough.