Chicago OMD Meetup?

I know we have a least a few chicagoland area folks on the OMD forums - I’m going to be in Chicago in late April and I am thinking about doing a live show - possibly with our friends at Arm & A Leg podcast. Would folks be into attending a small live podcast, or at least a meetup?

If we have a critical mass of like, 5, I’ll put it on the books!


I’m 8 hours away but would consider busing down. And finding a bikeshare bike to ride cuz 30 Days of Biking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Depending on where in the city I might be able to drive down from Milwaukee, but I’d only consider it on a weekend. Weeknight traffic would be too crazy.


WHAAAAAT. Yes, I am in, as long as my schedule permits. Do you have firm dates?


The private event I’m speaking at is on the 22nd, but I think we’ll do the OMD meetup probably on the 21st. Still figuring it out!

Keep me posted! (I mean… I live here, so even if we don’t have critical mass for a meetup but you want to grab lunch or something I’d be down for that.)

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PS - maybe you will be treated to one of our famous late April blizzards! :smiley:

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