Chat Function?

Unsure if this is A) possible or B) desired, but other forums I’ve been on in the distant past have had a general chat room associated with them as well.
Is that something this site can do, and if so, is it something people would want? I could see lots of pros and cons and am not necessarily advocating for it, but wanted to bring it up.

Explain what it would do?

Provided it is even an option and people decide it’s good to have, it would be like a little chat window in the corner of the screen while you’re on this domain, and anyone online could type into it and have a conversation.

Ah, got it, thanks. I have no objection to it, unless it’s a pop-up you can’t keep from popping up whenever someone wants to talk and it gets in the way of whatever else you’re doing. An unobtrusive chat, unless you wanted it to be obtrusive, would be fine with me. Are such things often abused?

I’d be interested in it, but I’m not sure it’s a…thing we have on this forum software. I’d have to investigate. I think for now it might be hard to mod, but it sounds so fun.


The modding would be a total reason not to do it!

Oh, yeah modding is far too much of a pain in the butt. You don’t have time for that.