Can't create a new tag

I wanted to add sapphic as a tag to my journal but the forum won’t let me create a new tag, just select ones that already exist. Is that on purpose or is something going wrong?

This is on Chrome (desktop) as well as Chrome (iPad and iPhone). I haven’t tested in a different browser.

I just added tags to my journal yesterday after a few attempts of the tags I was typing failing to save…just loading and not saving but then it worked eventually and they’re on my journal now. I did get a note that only five can be added

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Were they existing ones or new ones? I have no problem adding existing tags, but I want to put a tag on my journal that doesn’t yet exist.

All of the tags on my journal are new ones I made up

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What OS and browser were you using? I’ve tried multiple times and can’t get it to work properly.

I was using chrome on my computer and it was glitching until it wasn’t. I don’t think I did anything different at all

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Hmm, okay? Tried it multiple times on multiple device and browser combos, no go.

@anomalily no hurry because it’s not a big deal, but do you know what the issue might be?

I’ll look into it.

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