Can't change my journal title?

I’ve tried on iphone and mac (Chrome and Safari) and when I hit the blue checkmark nothing happens.
Then I get a 502 error, then a 504 error, and then it takes a few minutes before my journal loads again.

Weird, right?


I’ve been getting the 502 error a lot. It feels like 100 times per day, almost every new page I click on it tries to load, gets a 502 error, I refresh and it loads. I haven’t tried changing my journal title though.

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FYI - I just tried to change my title and it’s doing the same thing to me. I click the check and nothing happens at all.


FYI - I just pulled it up again and my title did eventually change :woman_shrugging:

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Hmmm this is beyond me. @anomalily and @aaronpk ideas?

May have to wait for them since busy moving and probably also early morning right now.

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No hurry!

Me too and I think it’s because the journals are too long now?? It seems like it eventually changes but the 502 error is common

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