Canadian Taxes


Is anyone’s software letting them submit yet? I started mine in January and there was an error saying that we can’t submit until the forms are final.


I tried to submit last week and got the same error. I want my return, goddamnit!


I submitted mine on Tuesday and it went through! I was using Turbotax and I netfiled.


I will try again, then.

Every year I’ve used Genutax,which is free and wonderful. This year it wasn’t licensed by CRA (wtf?) so I had to use Turbotax and it was annoying and stupid. I miss Genutax.


I use simpletax. I love it and it loves me. I’ll try again soon. Usually once February is over I lose all motivation. So if it isn’t done, I panic in late April


I’m trying simpletax but UGH.
It won’t let me claim the full amount of my deductible expenses on my rental property. It keeps resetting the amount to $100, which is thousands less.
Am I missing something?


I don’t know. February is over. I have literally zero interest in taxes anymore.