Can I add my daughter's car insurance to mine?

After retirement, I moved to Toronto with my family. I plan to buy a new car for my daughter. But I'm quite confused about the insurance coverage. Should I add her car insurance to mine? Will there be any price difference in coverage? Or should I take a separate auto insurance for her car? I've no idea of the insurance monthly payment plans. My friend recommended an [insurance broker] in Toronto and he thinks he's quite good at this. Next week I plan to have a meeting with him. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.

Hi pattygray and welcome!

You could try asking your current insurance provider for a quote to insure your daughter’s car as well (you might get a multi-vehicle discount, buying from the same insurer), then compare that to what the insurance broker can offer you for just your daughter’s car or if you insured both through that broker (you can switch insurers for your own car).

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