Bulk Food Sources?

I’m about ready to place an order with AzureStandard. We buy produce from a farm in MA and I go get it, other dry goods and meat from a co-op in VT which I also retrieve. Do you buy bulk goods regularly? From where? Do you go and get it or do you get it shipped?


Sometimes I buy chicken in bulk from Perdue Farms and I get it shipped. Shipping is $20 unless you spend like $160 or more. They have some good deals pretty regularly.

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I used to but not anymore. I used to get wheat berries and grind my own flour, plus some other dry goods, but my source was mainly for the upper Midwest and I had to buy 12+ months at a time to get free delivery, which was the main way to make it cost effective. Azure is a good source for smaller amounts of bulk goods and convenient if your local drop is convenient (the nearest one to me was 25 minutes one way and at a bad time/day combo).

For many years we bought whole pigs custom butchered but I’m going to stop doing that just because our food preferences have changed.

When I had the spoons to do a lot of food preserving I bulk bought several different kinds of fruit and veggies, sometimes direct from a farm on-site, other times at a farmer’s market.

I also used to buy ~600lbs of rabbit feed a month, though when it comes to livestock that wasn’t considered a bulk purchase :sweat_smile: (bulk pricing usually starts at per ton amounts).


We bulk buy all our beef. Usually 1/4 cow per year with some extra 50lb orders of ground. From a local rancher or my cousin, so that doesn’t help anyone else much lol.

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Where are you? NH?

Who me? Yes to NH here.

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Woohoo NE rep!

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Hi. I know this is an old thread, but I’m wondering if anyone knows where I can buy 50 lbs. of already picked and cleaned wild blueberries at a bulk discount?

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I sent you an email.

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