🎃 Budgetober Challenge 22: Stickers Shipping🦇 Fill in Form

I might do this, depending on how much energy I can muster to start :grimacing:

I am not particularly concerned about our grocery/food spend as we are fine money wise at the end of each month but I’m very curious what inflation has done to it. I also dropped the ball on meal planning and ordering grocery deliveries and it feels to me like we go to the supermarket every day at the moment and spend $50+ each time. That seems like a lot!


oh!! it has a 30-day free trial that I have not yet done!!

-I want to try out Simplifi
-I want to budget specifically for Fancy Little Drinks and At School spending. I feel like I am doing way too much of it and also feel a little out of control about it. So let’s figure it out!!
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Stickers stickers stickers!

Hm, I will figure out what to do for October. I already track, though my categories have become a little loose lately because I feel like I can’t be bothered and with inflation what does it matter anyway if the categories are a little mixed up. :rofl: I have some semi-known big expenses in October (cat’s dental for example - I don’t know what the final damage will be, but it will be a lot, probably the first propane delivery of the season, etc…), which I will exclude from the analysis. I mean, I will track them, but it won’t be a failure if I spend 150% of normal this month.


My budget for out to eat and groceries is a dirty lie. My credit card balance has gone up significantly since January. I really need to get this shit under control but I don’t see a way to do so until my car is paid off, the perkins loan is forgiven, and I get that $6,000 refund and then forgiveness on it.


I am also in because STICKER. I already track all my spending, so I need to decide what my numerical goals are and actually figure out how to stick to a budget?? I’m apparently not very good at that part…(see: me “failing” literally every budget challenge on this forum lol)


I want you all to know that I bought halloween cat washi tape 9 months ago and I have been WAITING for budgetober so I can send out envelopes with it.


I’m totally stealing this, tracking and managing the lifestyle stuff connected with the anticipated money coming in. Keeping myself honest and not double spending or thinking I’m saving when actually it’s just supporting ‘one time spends’ through cashflow.


Heck yes I’m in. Want to spend more thoughtful time thinking about my budget for the ENTIRE month and really stick to the extra bucks I want to put toward debt, while being realistic about what I DO spend. As is I’m set to be out of debt by Feb 2025, but I’d actually rather it be this time next year!!


I love this. I feel like I need a real system for “I want to buy this but don’t have the budget right now so will prioritize it for next check/month”. I kinda just add notes to my YNAB, sometimes in categories and sometimes in the actual notes??


I’m in. I don’t know what I’m tracking but I’m in. We’ve spent so much money this money that maybe October should be a no spend extra spending except for two socializing things and a birthday present for my brother.


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Hi yes all of those

*Figure out an efficient system to track spending when 90% of it is in cash
*Actually track how much we spend this month
*Partner gets paid most of his new salary in USD and part (1/4 or 1/3, I forget) in Egyptian pounds each month, so see if it’s realistic to set a goal of living off just what he makes in pounds. We’ve been told a lot of folks in this job manage to, but that’s just for them and not for a couple


Okay, in. I have no clue what groceries are costing us a month these days, so tracing that is first. Food for people and animals is “groceries.”

Will also track fuel purchases, and, bonus points if I have time, figure out if it’s better for us to drive my diesel with much better mpg but much pricier fuel or to drive the truck or the wrangler (gasoline) to work.

Finally will figure out if, as I suspect, we need to put a little less into retirement accounts . Or at least see if we spend more than we bring home in October as we did in September. I think fuel costs are getting us now that we’re driving in every day.


Also in, also for groceries (although I’m going to lump in groceries and food in general). Will figure out other details when I’m back at home.


I’m in!

I think I want to track how many recurring expenses I can reduce or eliminate (monthly subscription type things).

I also want to track what I spend on donations and buying things for a mutual aid group (not necessarily with the goal of reducing that, but in being more mindful about what I purchase and maybe looking into ways of getting more things for free)

Trying to think how I want to quantify this but my partner is having a lot of anxiety right now especially around finances and having a lot of trouble spending any money at all on himself. So I want to either convince him to spend some money on himself or convince him to let me spend some money on him. Probably this will be around a shared activity we both love but that he’s been not doing because of the expense. I’m thinking in the range of $40-60 here, so 2-3 times of doing the thing.

Will update tomorrow if goals shift after thinking on it!


OK I’m at $44/month regular expenses and $32/m for the annual stuff (which I’m not sure if all of it has to be paid every year). I want to pay for some business development/ marketing help ($750?) and get some cards and wrapping paper printed. So thats next for getting prices! Need to check shipping costs for me to send stuff out too.


Okay, I spoke to DH, have agreement in principle, have weighed the financial inadvisability of spending a lot on junk food vs. its value for emotional coping.

In October I/we can buy one bag of chips/chip substitutes to share between us. It will probably be a family-sized 900g bag but it’s one bag, $8. That’s it.

No buying junky substitutes (pretzels, cheezies, etc.) The leftover popping corn and one bag of microwave popcorn in the cupboard is okay to have. Any free/included chips are okay to have (which happens zero times in the average month for me but October may see some of those teeny 16g Halloween bags around). Using tortilla chips to scoop homemade chili or taco meat is okay. If DH drops out of the budget challenge I will still stick to it (and not eat any chips he buys outside the one allowed bag).

So, a targeted budget challenge but a worthwhile one, I think. :slightly_smiling_face:


So excited for this! :jack_o_lantern: :mage: :bat:

:bar_chart: I actually overhauled my budget last month because between our house and my old car there have been a lot of big expenses lately and I wanted to save more each month.

:fuelpump: I get to WFH one day a week again and I can also take the bus to work one day a week now that the bonkers summer season is over, so that’s how I’m cutting my gas budget. Goal for gas is $200 this month, but I’ll put $250 just in case anything weird happens. (My commute is 25m both ways).

:takeout_box: I’ve also overhauled my eating out because it crept back up since last Budgetober when I was focused on it. Now I’m back to $100 this month for my “solo” treats and $200 for eating out with friends.

And my favorite fall things are:
:maple_leaf: changing leaves
:jack_o_lantern: pumpkin spice
:skull::bat: :candle: Spooky Season!!


I’m not going to Sam’s Club this week. I spend so much money there whenever I go so I’m gonna stay out of there this week. I don’t really need anything from there anyway so I’m gonna avoid temptation.


I think I am in for a tracking challenge! I want to track my grocery, snack and clothes/kid stuff/house stuff.

Excluding big winter needs I will stay under $1000 or track and shame


I’m in. I started a new job recently and am traveling every weekend of October, so I’d like to start tracking my expenses again more granularly (went from updating every other day in college to every other month this summer). My goal is to spend less than 1k on travel expenses (including flights for November).