Budget Meetings

@meerkat, thanks! That’s good to know. We have a small house, with provincial and federal rebates for switching to solar. We aren’t going to do anything until we free up some money in future years. First we have to renovate a basement bath.

We had a semi budget meeting today. Couldn’t do it at the beginning of the month because we had company straight through to this past Sunday. I finally got all the figures together and gave Hubby the news. We’re still in the black…just barely. I decided I have to be more careful about spending money.


Well that was a surprise! I gave up on the budget meetings this month because of Hubby’s defensive and aggressive attitude. He noticed it. Yesterday he asked why we didn’t have the budget meeting for July. I told him the truth…I was sick and tired of dealing with his attitude.

He surprised me by pushing the issue. He said he knew all the numbers. I said, “Great! I don’t!” They’re all on his laptop, of which I do not know the password to access it should anything happen to him. He indicated where the password was, but still wouldn’t show it to me or tell me it. That indicates to me that it isn’t really where he says it is, but I’ll check one day while he’s out to see for sure.

Long story short, he printed off the Quicken reports I wanted and I printed out the net worth statement. We overspent by $3700 CAD. Most of it was one off or once every ten years expenses. A new water heater installed, tree culling/pruning, new eyeglasses for him, and driving company around our part of Canada to see sights. The latter will be severely curtailed in the future.

As a result our net worth dropped below $500,000. I’m not concerned because it is now based on the appraised value of the house. Plus we have two defined benefit pensions, CPP, OAS and GIS that are not included in that.

Still…big score! Hubby asked for a budget meeting!


Guess who brought me an August summary of income and expenses today? Without being asked to? I had just wondered out loud the other day how much we had spent on groceries and eating out. And Lo! It appeared!


I spent this evening preparing for an August end-of-month budget meeting. The figures look good so far. Not great, but good. I’ll try to squeeze in a meeting sometime tomorrow or Saturday.


We had our 15 minute budget meeting Saturday morning. Mostly we discussed the need to update the budget in Quicken. It appears Hubby hasn’t done anything with it because he can’t figure out why Quicken keeps changing the budget over time.

I like to have a report of how much we’ve spent this year against the year-to-date budget for each category. Quicken is making a mess of that report. I may have to go back to doing it manually.

Other than that, we looked over our list of goals and decided to focus on the outdoor stuff in September. That means moving a dirt pile and a mulch pile off our driveway.

Also we modified “Repaint living room and hallway” to touch up painting only. It’s a big job, and we have too much on the walls to remove and paint now. We should have painted it before we put anything on the walls. Plus the owner just had it painted before we moved in. It’s grey, which I detest, but it’s a light grey, so I can live with it…if the holes were filled and it was touched up.

We were able to check a few things off the list that had been done this summer. So, yeah, a basically successful budget meeting. :blush:


Almost prepared for tomorrow’s budget meeting. It’s looking good. Gotta look at our goals and see how we did.


We had our budget meeting today. Nothing…absolutely nothing…got done on our goals last month. Hubby seems to have given up on even doing touch up painting in the living room. :pensive:. Today I asked what the hold up was, and he said he wasn’t sure we had the right paint colour. Well I got him downstairs on another pretext and had him pull down the two possibilities. One was obviously white, and one was obviously the light gray we need. But he would not take the lids off to check, or anything. Just stored them back up high on a shelf I can’t reach, above our chest freezer! :pensive:. I can see this is a job I am going to have to do. I have a tall friend. Maybe I’ll send Hubby out tomorrow, when she visits, and have her pull down the paint can to double check it.

Other than that, the budget meeting went fine. Everything is in the black and looking good.