BiggerPockets Podcast

A place to post about the BiggerPockets financial podcast!


Here ya go, @ginja_ninja ! I hope to join in and listen to this one once I’m caught up with Rich & Regular.


I have listened to one episode of this so far but will try a few more at least over my commute! Open to suggestions for specific episodes because usually I just go with interesting topics.

I just finished the CoastFI one linked by ginja (episode 323) and it was interesting! I did some followup reading based on article recommendations in the episode. I think of all the FIs, CoastFI has always been my personal jam because I am definitely too project & purpose oriented not to “work” but I really like the financial independence side & being free to make choices based on non-money factors.

They talk in the episode about how CoastFI works really well for starting a business because it can take time to be profitable & by continuing to work part-time at an established job + part-time business development, it allows for you to make longer term strategic decisions vs cashflow/quick profit decisions.