Best Bra-Like Devices for D Cups or Larger

I hate bras, specifically the band under the breasts, which I have never found comfortable. Does anyone have a recommendation? I am wondering if there is some kind of compression vest. It has to be comfortable, though.

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No real help but paying attention.

What about the band is particularly uncomfortable? Movement, tightness, breasts being held up/down, etc?

If the band isn’t so tight as to be uncomfortable, then it’s slipping out of place. And rigid underwires are just torture.

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I’m just seeing this now, so maybe it’s too late, but I really like my chantelle wireless bra that I got on sale at Nordstrom. Doesn’t feel like a bra but does support my 32DDD well enough for my daily activities. I get that this is a bra and you asked for bra-like things, but it’s been the best I’ve ever had. And if not, maybe by reviving the thread more people will respond?



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