Autopay reset

A couple weeks ago, I got a text from my credit card company saying the card had been reported lost. Apparently my husband dropped it out of his pocket while on a bike ride, and a nice stranger called it in. The replacement card has finally arrived (after one USPS delay and re-issue :cry:) so I get to update allllll our autopay services. Here’s the list (posting in public because constructive commentary/gentle snark on my buying decisions is welcome). Let’s see how long this takes.

  1. Google Pay for touch-to-pay and $2/mo storage
  2. YNAB for auto-sync
  3. Google Fi - phone
  4. Increment - magazine subscription, expensed
  5. ActBlue - monthly donation to Run for Something
  6. Zesty Paws - monthly allergy supplements for dog, whose skincare regimen is more expensive than mine, subscribed directly to skip Amazon
  7. Local newspaper - $14/mo, I want to support local journalism, seems high tho?
  8. SPLC - monthly donation
  9. - monthly donation to local org
  10. Open Collective - monthly donation to local org
  11. - independent film
  12. Netflix - Some months this feels worth it and other months it doesn’t. While logged in, downgraded to SD for $4 less/mo. We shall see if I hate it.
  13. Apple Pay - mostly for Scribd. I use Libby a lot but sometimes it’s nice to have other options, definitely worth $10/mo to me.
  14. Whoop - recovery and sleep tracker. This was really valuable a couple years ago when I was struggling with new training schedule for competition & sufficient recovery/sleep, but also expensive at $32 (includes hardware tho). I’m going to start wearing the band again because of weird body stuff that is disrupting sleep, but if it’s not helpful this month will cancel again.

Plus regularly used services without monthly fee:
15. Instacart
16. Amazon - trying to use less often, but a good backup for obscure stuff
17. Caviar

Monthly, decided to pause
18. Bikeshare - trips like bikeshare -> train -> airport not happening right now. Mostly use personal bikes otherwise.
19. VSCO - was $10/monthly, lots of other editing apps available esp with nonrecurring fees, and I’m not that into Instagram.

Number of password resets: 2


My condolences on the next 17 weeks of your life. :rofl:


I recently got a new card and sat down with a month of Mint to update autopay. A CC statement would work similarly…

My dad has a genius system…one card is devoted to auto pay. It is not carried anywhere or used on shady internet sites. Just for recurring transactions. I haven’t implemented it because the card I have all my autopay transactions on is the one I have memorized :sweat_smile:. And has rotating cash back categories. But it’s a really good idea, overall.


Phew, done. Took about 2 hours, not counting a break for dinner and dog tricks. Looking through YNAB was a good way to find hidden things. A handful of things are on annual billing but I’ll take care of those as they recur.

Mortgage and utilities are on autopay straight from the checking account, so didn’t have to touch them.

I thought there would be more I wanted to cancel. Turns out when you review every single expense monthly, those stay pretty lean. Thanks, YNAB.

@galliver Your dad’s system is pretty smart!


Wow, I’m impressed that you did it all in one go!

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