Australia question: Know anyone who has gotten jobkeeper payments?

I’m looking for a small business owner who has gotten (or tried to) the Jobkeeper payments in Australia to interview (via email or zoom) for the show. I’m looking to compare the rollout to the US Payroll Protection loans.

Anyone know someone in Straya who got it?


Sorry, I dont know anyone. The feel I’m getting from the media is that the application process does have some complexity to it but must be achievable because 730,000 businesses have applied out of the 850,000 who expressed interest.

The big differences to PPP seems to be the loan vs government direct payment (welfare). And tax department managing it vs banks.

I don’t run a small business but the process does look reasonably involved - particularly if you’re not great at accounting or keeping good records.


I know the tax department running this isn’t much different than Australia’s. I didn’t fully understand your question. (I think it’s all about the large number of parentheses that confuse me). Do you receive any social security benefits? Can you count on anything like that from the Australian government or tax department? Otherwise, why was this question asked? Read about something like this at I’m sure you will find the right article and figure out your problem. If you don’t see it, look for articles in the site search. I wish you the best of luck.

I hadn’t thought about this in quite awhile but maybe it’s time I do a check in on what’s happening with businesses who got them…

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We got mad because some of the businesses that took millions of dollars in jobkeeper money posted record profits and could have definitely paid their workers themselves…


Yeah. We got big mad. Let’s uphold the biggest participants of capitalism while refusing part time and university employees!