August 2021 Book Club - Captains of the Sands

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Captains of the Sands, because it’s from Brazil. :grin:

Soo we have a tie. Everyone ok with rolling a die as a tiebreaker?


Use your prettiest, shiniest d4.

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A tie! Rolled the die yet, @Greyweld?

Oops, I didn’t check the title :smile: Yay, Captains of the Sands!

Damn, look at the review I found on Goodreads (1/5 stars)… won’t stop me from trying to read it but… yikes.

I love the beginning! The letters are very amusing - first, the newspaper biasedly criticizes the “demonic” captains of the sands and stands up for the powerful landowner and his “terrorized” family, denouncing the chief of police and the juvenile court judge. Then, the chief of police shifts all the responsibility to the juvenile court, washing his hands of blame. The juvenile court responds by shifting the responsibility back to the police and the “demented” children who escape juvenile detention…

Nobody wants to hold the hot potato.

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I loved the beginning too. That was the best part!

The book was definitely engrossing but unpleasant. I liked the communist attitude and the various attitudes regarding religion. I did not like all the rape.

How would you rate the book?

I gave it 3/5 stars