Ask your questions about Credit

Do. you have questions about credit? Like, for example, what happens to your credit when you pay off a student loan, or student loans go into extended forbearance because of a worldwide economic crisis? How do you help a friend build their credit without risking yours?

Or why should you even care about credit scores? Or what happens to your credit when you get married? What happens if you move countries?

Well! Good news! This Saturday’s livestream is all about credit scores. Hopefully, we will all have power, internet, and clean water in order to actually talk about credit scores.

Please drop your questions below! or email if you need/want them to be anonymous

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Please Join us Saturday, February 20th at 5PM PST, 8PM EST, 1AM GMT, and Feb 21st 9AM AWST, 1PM AEDT to discuss. Click to get reminded on Youtube.

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I get why you might want a credit score if you plan on getting any loans ever. But what if you own your home and plan on making all future “finance able” purchases in cash? Do you still need a credit score?


How do credit scores in other countries work? And people over here in the US temporarily? And what’s the implications of the Biden proposals I’ve been hearing about with creating a federal program- I don’t totally understand how it’s supposed to reduce inequality if it’s not materially a different system, but I also don’t really know much about it!


do retail financing loans (like Affirm) show up on your credit report and impact your score?

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If one is anticipating leaving a ft job and moving to consulting/starting a business is it a smart idea to set up loans (e.g. a HELOC) before making the move or is that morally suspect?

(this might be too far out of your purview, feel free to skip)

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Not a question but a data point if it’s useful: when my student loans were forgiven through PSLF in December, that showed on my credit report as “paid in full” in January. The student loans still show as my oldest account, so in ten years when they drop off I’ll have some reduction in age if that matters anymore.

Score went from 760 with the loans in December to 809 with them paid in full in January. I don’t expect it ever to go any higher since we don’t have any real estate loans.


Can you build credit without loans or a credit card?
What to look for and/or avoid when getting your first credit card?

See y’all in half an hour!

Just saw this story about credit bureaus being used for evil

also behind paywall